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    Ok so now my PSO2 Tweaker is awfully slow, I could say frozen and it just won't work. Right after I open the tweaker it's normal for a moment, then it gets so slow and doesn't even open the game. I have to run from the main Japanese version now but well~ I do need English patch after all. It's definitely not a hardware or software problem on my side because the game runs just perfect with the Japanese version but when I open tweaker, I can't even open the game it stays frozen in tweaker window

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    Please check the following:

    1) Do you have the latest version of Tweaker? If you are not sure, reinstall it with a fresh installer from the Arks Layer website, or replace just the EXE file.
    2) Do you run Tweaker with administrator rights? If not, try running it as admin to see if it solves the issue (right click on the exe/shortcut, select "Run as Administrator"
    3) Have you recently moved the installation folder of PSO2 or done any locale changes to your system? Check to see if pso2_bin is correctly selected.
    4) It is possible that your antivirus interferes. Avast for example recently kept marking pso2.exe as a virus for me. You may want to set both the folders where you have PSO2 and Tweaker installed as exceptions.
    5) If it continues to freeze, open up the Task Manager and check if there's any process that uses a lot of CPU and/or hard drive.

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    well I deleted the tweaker and then the data files as well, reinstalled and it finally fixed~ thanks for the help ^-^

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