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    Why is this info so hard to find? I know about Schthack server and also know and have been on others recently. But now I canít find any of the ip info for them. Can anybody link me up?

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    i dont know about schtack anymore, its been years and before the whole account wipe fiasco i had already stopped playing it then (i think theyre under new management but they lossed a lot of people playing there), however I played on Ephinea servers recently and while its a small community, you'll get people joining your parties as you level. I've also read the drop rates arent nearly as bad as other servers if not better (?) but maybe you can try there. I don't know how many people from PSOW play on this server either so you may or may not have a tough time finding people specifically here to play with. I suppose let your friends know too, it's honestly one of the better servers I've played on, they also have a discord channel too (invite is in the community tab on their homepage)

    and since you posted about it in the PSO2 section (albeit more attention), there were private servers sorta started up years back but I don't know the progress of that anymore (happened during the DDoS attack if I remember right) in case you were wondering about that too
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