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    He's not exactly wrong either, the amount of players was ... surprising. Imagine if the launch went well and everyone was able to log in fine. Pretty sure the Servers would explode and we would have very different kinds of angry posts here.
    Considering how low profile that launch was this is pretty interesting. Word of Mouth is truly powerfull

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    It looks like a workaround has been found for the lobby lag:

    LUL, how weird.
    "Well, the important thing is, you were mad online about a fictional universe." - Mangini In A Bottle - io9

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    me: ''welp, guess I'm gonna just get an xbone''
    microsoft: ''JUST AS PLANNED''

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    I'm playing it on PC. I'm glad to see news about this in the front page too. If anyone wants to hit me up and play, let me know.

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