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    Default Having a problem with NA PSO2 PC recognizing a controller

    Just as the title says, I'm having a problem getting PSO2 recognizing a controller. I have gone repeatedly gone to the options, input type, and clicked on controller. Saved options and returned to the menu, and nothing. For some reason, only keyboard/mouse works for me. Is anyone else having this problem?

    Edit: forgot to mention that the controller I am trying to use is an Afterglow Xbox 360 wired controller
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    i'm having a issue with sony duel shock 4 ps4 controller. It doesn't work at all I went through all the settings and did it like PSO2 jp

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    I have an XBOX based wireless controller mad by IPEGA, it would not work at all either. Guessing that it is one of the many, many things wrong with this game.

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