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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post

    They deserve every word coming from that lol
    Pretty much. Releasing the mess that is the PSO2 launcher exclusively in the even bigger mess that is the MS store was like asking for disaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post
    Other games on the Windows Store work perfectly, don't exempt Sega for their trashy launcher, we have been using the Tweaker for years not just because translations...
    I dont use tweaker, but I rarely get problems with it, at least for me, and I forgot when/how many times it happened.
    The only problem I can remember with the launcher is the HDD wipe back in 2013, though I'm not affected with that incident.
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    Yeah, the same a lot of people are playing just by downloading and updating without any more problems, but before the tweaker, I remember we had to use rappy perms for the same permissions problems, and at a specific time for it to work.

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    The game actually downloaded and played fine for me yesterday but a friend of mine had to reinstall twice before it worked. Today though my game completely shit the bed, deleted most of the files so it wouldn’t even open, wouldn’t uninstall and I had to spend a good half hour trying to delete it off my computer. Given that it took over 12 hours to download in the first place, I’m not going to waste my time on it anymore. Honestly, had my friends not wanted to play on the US servers I wouldn’t even have bothered. I’ll probably just reinstall the Japanese version instead. I never had any issues with that.

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    I’m very concerned about the launch experience.
    I really hope this doesn’t drive away a lot of potential new players.
    PSO2 launch needed to be perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post

    They deserve every word coming from that lol
    Worst part is that at the end of the day, it's the same as the Japanese version, they just tried to do a UWP app out of it. Oh ya, extra months of delayed after the XB1 version and no official 4K support with bigger UI. 16 pages of 4K complaint topics on the official forums:
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    I feel like I screwed up. I can't launch Tweaker and I dont want to play Pso2 NA. Do I have to launch the MS Store version for now???

    I accepted an update from the Tweaker cuz I thought it was a normal oen and didn't realize what I was updating till it was too late.


    EDIT: I fixed my problem. Should have read the region option before clicking...
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    The jp game is making data protection errors *every singe update* and has been doing so for at least 3 years. (some key files are owned by a mysterious category of users nows as S1) I somehow imagined the US launcher would be supervised by someone at Microsoft's because of all the compliance bs. I'm actually sad to hear about all these horror stories.
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    Actually it's not the Launcher "this time" The files in Question are owned by "System" because the MS Store forgets to change Permissions after the initial 11 GB installation. But that the old launcher had pretty much the same Issue is kinda interesting. On a side note I assume that "mystery user" Started with S1 but otherwise has a long as Number? That's a domain user but as your Home PC is of course not in the same Domain the system only sees it's ID and display it like that. And yeah it's pretty much proof that it's the very same issue.

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    Actually, it has the icon of some user category, but looking through the windows help files it doesn't even seem to exist in the MS environment.
    I actually assumed it was the name of the power user at Sega that mounts the new exe when there's an update.

    I have to use the launcher, leave it on, modify the permissions for all files, tell the launcher to restart so that it goes to the next step, and do it again (modify permissions while the updater is running). I have to do this several times until it actually works, but that's the only ay to make it work.
    I'm not sure if it's a windows 10 issue (I seem to be the only one that goes through this) of if my windows 10 is corrupted (wouldn't surprise me, it's been moths that it cannot upgrade and I refuse to reinstall it)
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