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    That is exactly what I did to get it to run at launch so it's truly pretty much the same issue.
    ... did MS hire the guy that made the launcher for the MS Store?
    As for the Icon, I see this often at work (IT Wage Slave) when a Customer migrates files including permissions to a new System. The entries for Groups and Users turn into that because the new system doesn't recognize the entries. Well it's less turn into that and more that's what your users and groups look like under the hood.

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    I remembered that I created a separate partition on my SSD. So I tried installing the game there. The final downloads still took too long, so I stayed up the entire night and waited.

    The installation was finally completed. I just created my first character on Ship 3. I'm so happy right now. The hell is finally over.

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    Aida's new Tweaker also supports PSO2 NA it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPhoenix313 View Post

    Everyone that tried to download the release of PSO2 NA on PC got screwed. The Microsoft Windows Store really screwed up.
    Been playing the whole time since release. Lots of people started with me. Just saying it's not everyone.
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    Best launch EVER! It's STILL a title screen sim. Loops the title screen every time I hit a button. I LOVED PSO in the past. Even had a ton of fun in PSU. But after the debacle of broken promises about releasing it in the US, they seemed to have handed it to the untrained monkeys to release here as they did it only to shut up the whiners.

    People don't like that I'm a skeptic of everything. The problem is, I'm right a good 89% of the time. This is no different. The one thing I don't know is why they even bothered this late in the proverbial game. MMO's are dead in favor of MOBA's and arena games such as PubG.

    And I wouldn't believe what BurtD is saying. New troll on the block.
    'All tales end in tragedy. Follow the hero long enough, you'll step across his corpse.'
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    Imagine thinking that Microsoft won't screw up and will let you play & have fun scot-free.

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