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    Default What block is everyone usually on?

    Or does it not really matter?

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    im assuming as lone as we are on ship 2 thats all that matters.

    in the JPN version we had to agree on a spesific block to avoid the asian players.
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    Ship 02, Yas in hand-- all I need.


    Current block only matters once you want to send out party invites, as far as I know-- you do need to be on the same block to do that.

    That said, the blocks I currently frequent Ship 02 are 28, 50, 110, and 128. No rhyme or reason, that just happened to be where I'd get dumped. In terms of finding people, seems to be that you'll need to know their character name. Lots of people haven't changed their Player IDs to anything aside from the default PN######## generated during account creation, so that's a crapshoot for finding anyone. Gamertag's in my profile, if anyone wants a more reliable means of finding me.
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    Now that I've finally got the game going, I'm on ship 2 and whatever block I'm tossed upon.

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