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    Default A few beginner questions. exp, weaps

    So the level cap is 75 and we can only do up to super hard. Where are people finding these really great weapons? How? Urgent Quests mainly?

    What is a good resource that will tell me where to find the enemies for a quest?

    What is the best way to get experience and weapons in general, outside of UQ's?

    Is crafting available yet? Won't we eventually be able to make our own weapons and armor?

    Sorry if these have been answered already I looked and couldn't really find a direct answer for the NA version.


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    Just last week they added XH for Urgent Quests, and they added Ultimate Naverius and Ultimate Lillipa, which added Nemesis and Slave weapons to the game.

    Currently, there is no complete resource, but the NA version of the ARKS-Visiphone site is working to build one.

    For EXP, your best bet is Advanced Quests, for Weapons you can buy decent gear from the Badge Shop that should let you farm Ultimate Quests for the aforementioned Nemesis and Slave weapons.

    Crafting is not yet available. Crafting is not making your own weapons and units, rather it is modifying existing weapons and units by changing their stats and equipment requirements.

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