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    Default Controller keyboard problem

    Hello! So my game is working, thank god! I am on PC and I just bought an xbone controller and a little keyboard that plugs into it. It seems to be working but I just noticed that if I try to activate something in the sub palette with even a normal keyboard it just goes straight to chat mode. Meaning it starts typing and does not execute the sub palette item I want. I use a controller for this game 90% of the time but would like to just press a button to activate something in the sub-palette. Is there a way of enabling both keyboard and controller so I an mainly use controller but also hit say 1 on keyboard and heal myself with a dimate?


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    You need to disable Direct Chat. You can do this either through the in-game Chat Settings or by hitting ScrLk on your keyboard. After you do this, chat will only be initiated by hitting "Enter" when outside of menus.
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    Awesome! That worked! Thank you!

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