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I dont know if they have time to develop 16★ weapons when NGS is just around the corner. The least we want will be a buggy new pso2 game and server crashes.
Let's be fair and say that NGS comes out in June 2021. We'll be done with all of the content that they've announced at the last PSO2 Station by October. Do you think that it's good for them to say:

"OK, we're done with PSO2 for now until NGS comes out in 8 months, please keep paying for premium and AC Scratch Tickets, OK thanks bye."

No, of course not, the goal of transitioning players to the new game is the keep them in PSO2, to keep player retention. 8 months is more than enough for people to go play another MMO and forgetting NGS. 16★ weapons along with a new graphic engine would probably be the best way to keep players around.

Hell, they could link the games by saying that these new prototype weapons are called "New Genesis Weapon" and that perhaps in the future (like in 1000 years), that they be standard.