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    Quote Originally Posted by Ade_Ephinea View Post
    I'd love to post a screenshot but it won't let me:
    Still not letting me see it. Could this be the elusive sword you looked for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trypticon View Post
    Still not letting me see it. Could this be the elusive sword you looked for?
    Yes, the linked image is supposed to be a tekker pic for Sealed J-Sword, which I started hunting 3 months ago on Ephinea PSO BB (vanilla rates, btw) due to not being able to go anywhere or do anything because we live in Virus World.

    Adam I saw your recent post; I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the story you're creating...

    My first hunt on PSO GC ended with me getting PD'ed by Gi Gue 37 times and no SJS.

    Due to improved hunting methods and getting exponentially better at the game over the course of over a decade, I could clear the first 2 floors of PW4 in just over a minute as RAmar. Here's the hunt stats, copied from the Ephinea post. But yes, in 3 months I ran the first 2 floors of PW4 over 4200 times:

    Ephinea hunt stats:

    XP gained during hunt: 27,459,302
    PW4 2F runs: 4,220
    Gi Gue PDs: 58
    Gi Gues killed: 21,100
    Total PDs from Gi Gues / boxes / other enemies in the first 2 floors: 215
    # of times the lone Ill Gill dropped Yamigarusu: 7
    # of times the lone Del Lily dropped Heart of Poumn: 4
    # of times Partisan of Lightning dropped from the 3 Gibbles: Probably about 40; I stopped counting those
    Weirdest find: 95% hit Demon Ripper
    # of deaths: 1- I fell asleep once and died to the beginning Ill Gill
    Weird thing: SJS dropped the same run that a Gibbles dropped a PoL in the previous room- maybe I should have finished the entire run

    Lifetime stats (this is my first SJS ever and hunted it on multiple platforms):

    Gi Gue PDs: 115 (conservatively low estimate)
    # of Gi Gues killed: 41,836 (conservatively low estimate)
    Worst event: Back to back PDs from 2 consecutive Gi Gues on PSO GameCube


    I don't care who found it first or who unsealed it first. They likely found it by getting very lucky and don't understand how rare it really is. I don't know a single person who could put up with the mind numbing nature of doing something like that, so I'm damn proud that I did this. It makes everything else seem easier.

    It was for that moment that I always played legit. I'm glad I found it on a server where cheating is impossible, as the find holds objective value.

    (Although my 45 Hit Heaven Striker is worth like 8x as much as a
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    I'm very happy for you, Mikey. Nobody deserved to find that more than you, and your hunts bordered on lefend, simply from tenacity, alone.

    Do you plan on unsealing it, or are you more interested in keeping it in its original found form?

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