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    When is the next braodcast ? We need answers now. New game or is this the "not EP7 update"

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    Ahhh hype overload! See y'all there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrCatco View Post
    One of the (few) good things about PSO2 is its playstyle. It's great to see that it's one of the things that will be preserved (and probably will be improved) in New Genesis.

    this is more like the PSO2 that should have been

    SEGA just learned from their mistakes they made with PSO2 and decided to make a new PSO2 title but with a different name and a brand new playstyle/graphics
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    This is NOT the gigantic update. At least I hope not. This is an entirely new game.
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    I think we're finally going to ragol. Something will happen with the Arks Ships (Oracle Fleet) and they will build the pioneers 1 and 2.

    The "Pioneer Project" -- A plan born of desperation, conceived in response to the imminent destruction of their home worlds.

    As plans for the evacuation began, unmanned probes were sent into deep space to find a habitable planet. When a potential site was discovered, the first interstellar transport ship, Pioneer 1, was sent to establish a colony.

    Pioneer 1 confirmed that the Planet Ragol was a suitable location, and the initial colonists started preparing the planet for the main wave of refugees, beginning with the construction of the Central Dome.

    7 years later...

    Pioneer 2 completed its long voyage with the main wave of refugees aboard.

    But as Pioneer 2 entered orbit and opened a communications link with the Central Dome, an enormous explosion shook the entire planet.

    All contact with the thousands of men and women of Pioneer 1 was lost...
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    So this is why ep 6 was so devoid of content. Shiva confirmed for a filler villain, just killing time while most of the dev team works on PSO2: A Realm Reborn.

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    I might have to come back for this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maulcun View Post
    I think we're finally going to ragol.
    I don't think this will be exactly the case.

    But I agree that there will be an evacuation.

    If you observe the very first scene of the video, you will note that that beach is in fact the beach we go when we access one of the teleporters to the Parallel World.

    My theory is, whatever happens to the Oracle Universe will be so massive that ARKS will be forced to evacuate to that parallel world.

    You will also note that there are no Ships in the sky.

    So I think that the ARKS Fleet will be lost. And... I don't think we will see Xiao in this new genesis.
    > Not Episode 7

    This is it, boys, start packing your stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokkuman View Post
    What if this is the actual EP7 and "Not EP7" is just the update that would make the wait easier? NA has confirmed our characters will be able to be carried over.
    Where has this been said about characters being carried over?

    Main Characters:
    Karen Erra FI/BO 90 Myuria PH 90 (FO/TE 90) Lady Harken BR/HU 90
    Raya HR 90 Myka GU/RA 90 鈴来アイカ SU/PH 90 Yakut PH 90
    ... and several more

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    There's something about this that just sets alarms off in my head.

    If this was a graphical revamp, wouldn't it make more sense to show off more than just the Naberian Forest? Something feels wrong - my whole core just can't stop feeling like this is EXACTLY the dilemma that FFXIV 1.0 went through, wherein SquareEnix bit off more than they could chew and nearly tarnished the Final Fantasy brand (to the point where Naoki Yoshida had to WoW-ify it in order to save it from the dumpster fire it had been).

    If this game truly IS trying to go through an ARR-style rebirth... something tells me that they don't understand WHY FFXIV: ARR was as well-received as it was.

    I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic, but we NEED more info. Because right now, I got a BAD feeling about this.

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