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    Default Possible Title Bug for the Trigger Quest The Specter Of Tragedy (Tragic Trigger)

    As many of you know, I'm a title whore in PSO2. Since Persona came back, I decided to get the titles that you get by playing the 4 player Trigger Quest of The Specter Of Tragedy (Tragic Trigger). Like most boss titles, you have 3: Defeat 1 time, defeat 10 times, defeat 30 times. I already had the first one before we got Persona back, so I went for the other 2. Eventually, I found it strange that I still didn't hit the "10 Times" title.

    Using the Indexing search of Windows 10, I found all of the Action Logs since with the word "Tragic" and then using Notepad++, I found all of the times that I used a Tragic Trigger:


    12 times total. Now I know for a fact that I didn't fail any of the quests that I did his month and I know that I had already unlocked the "1 Time" title, but even if I would have failed both in 2019, that's still 10 times this month alone, I should have the "10 Times" title by now. My only theory so far is that the issue would be that the Ultra Hard difficulty doesn't trigger the kill count because it has an alternative final battle phase.

    I saw no comments in the comments on Swiki's Tile section. Any thoughts on the matter?
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    So it is because of Ultra Hard! Guess QA didn't double check the work of whoever was in charge of linking the UH difficulty to the titles.

    Cheers mate
    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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