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    Default SG SCRATCH: Roots of Darkness (12 AUG 2020 - 20 JAN 2021)

    The Scratch itself should be up later tonight at normal maintenance time, but the preview is now available.

    I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Shiva's gang's aesthetics, so I think I'll be skipping this one entirely.

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    sadly I cant get Varuna's sword but at least I can get Shiva's weapon

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    I like Shiva eyes as they remind me of some Cast eyes I cant use on other races, so I will aim for those. Clothing is eh, and camos are tempting but it will depend on how they look and what they cover. Shiva Hair looks more fluffy than Harriets, maybe is because of the color, so I would actually use that if I had it, but is not a priority. I have very little SG from last affix scratch, so my tries are quite limited, but on the bright side I have enough badges for 2 free items thanks to the 20% discount, so at least the eyes for the whole account will be guaranteed.

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    Shiva's weapon and maybe her first post are the only things I really want, but I'm willing to wait and see if they give us some free tickets in a later event for that.

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    Why why why is exam leash in this scratch AGAIN?! Like how many times has that ugly ass outfit been in an sg scratch!?!? Sigh... I'mma have to pay to be Shiva from the looks of it.... I need her voice, eyes, camos, lobby actions, the whole nine! lol Everything else is just whatever, but whyyyy exam leash AGAIN!?!

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    i used SG tickets for exam leash[ba] and Xion[ba] to make it access to all character instead of pull 2 Female hu[ba] from the revival scratch and then found out these 2 was in this scratch lol
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    Every SG scratch is a fcking scam: 40 pulls -38 SG badges lol.

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    the only thing worth from this scratch is varuna pose

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    I am happily skip this scratch
    Is coffee good for you?

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    I am become Shiva. Episode 6: Attack of the Shiva Clones.

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