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    Default Best ways of obtaining SG?

    I'll keep it simple, what are the best ways of obtaining Star Gems? (SG)
    I know you can buy them and get them from Bonus Keys... but im not sure about other ways.

    Can someone just give me a quick rundown of all the ways you can get them?
    Thanks in advance!

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    if you have multiple chars you can buy costumes/outwears that gives you 10SG once the affection gauge is filled up
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    pvp 100% boost this week
    weekly XH tokyo timeattack ranking
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    buy SG in casino shop
    trade buster coin to SG

    do stuff for titles reward

    watch their speacial Live broadcast( Christmas, Newyear, Anniversary ) they may give free SG with some condition
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    1 SG per day from pso2es login
    doing something in idola
    Is coffee good for you?

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    If you have a lot of Casino Coins you can buy a lot of SG or you can go after Title rewards
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