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    Exclamation Looking for team JP (I think this is the right place to post this if not move it)

    I think this is the right place to post this if not you can move the post.

    I am on JP ship 2

    I am looking for a new team bceause the new one has not met my requirements

    What I am looking for:

    I do not expect and fully a fully active team cause its means 24/7 on the game.
    so no to fully active team because I have a life outside of gaming

    I do not expect a fully inactive team. When we need quests like LQ's done to get
    the rewards to unlock new content WE CAN"T cause no one is on or wants to

    I expect free play , each to their own etc. No gear standards etc. each to their own etc

    PM ME if you guys and girls are such
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    Make sure to add if you're looking for JP or NA team, just for clarification.

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    done. ... been awhile but no response lol.

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    Cause most people are inactive, it might pick up with the new raid boss and class coming but it wont be that much hype since now people are looking towards New Genesis.

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    See my original post at the top

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    Nobody looking for new people ????

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    You can look for Teams through the Visiphone. Pick one that describes itself with the qualities you require. You can also have a little chat with the Leader or a Manager for additional info like time zone activity etc. before joining.

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    Wanna join us? Sorry don't browse the forum too much but we're pretty active. coatl#4173 on discord, coatl in-game.
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    #coatl4173 on discord if you wanna squad up.

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    found new team.

    Thread closed

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    Bump. Looking again.

    Teamwork must be part of IT that I am looking for

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