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    Default Error 630

    I seem to be getting disconnected from the server every couple of hours (during missions, storing things away, in my quarters, etc.) with the same issue every time. Error 630.

    My internet seems to work fine as I'm in group calls when this happens and my call doesn't seem to drop out at all.

    Any ideas or possible solutions to this?

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    630 is a network error, it's not all that uncommon for it to just happen randomly every once in a while, even if your own network is fine, but if it's happening regularly every few hours and your internet is otherwise fine then it might be an issue with a node on your routing to the server. There's not much you can do about that other than waiting and hoping it stops, or using a a VPN though.

    That said, the game is pretty sensitive to even minor network drops, so if you're on wifi or something that might be causing it.

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    Thanks for the reply Kondibon,

    I've tried changing my wifi to my phone and it was much the same, random dropouts. I suppose I'll look into VPNs then.


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