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    Thumbs up Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Infinity Discord Chat (PPSSPP Multiplayer Meetup Lobby)

    Hey guys, if anyone is looking to play Portable 2 or Infinity on multiplayer, come check out our Discord group. It's grown pretty active as of late. We're all using it for matchmaking/finding other players to play with online using the PPSSPP emulator. Even if you don't play on the emulator (or not right away), you're more than welcome to join and use it to chat/discuss strategies among other Gurhal hunters!

    If you play online with us, please note, that this is a legit community so please don't bring any hacked equipment/characters online.


    If you decide to try out multiplayer on PPSSPP emulator, we have a tutorial for setting up as well as a guide on transferring over your game save from the PSP hardware to the emulator (super easy) so that you can transfer your characters to the emulator.

    Lots of advancements have been made to the PPSSPP emulator. It no longer has graphics glitches with this game, and it now has ad-hoc multiplayer working. The emulator is pretty well optimized, so you don't need a super beefy computer to run in high quality graphics.

    ALL are welcome to join! Hope to see some of you guys in game!

    Here is a sample video of some of us running a challenge. We're all running the game on the PPSSPP emulator:

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    Playing with people is too fun.

    Wouldn't have done a proper 2-5 run like this without friends. =P

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    If you play PSPo2 or PSPo2i, I highly recommend coming to the Evolve group and Discord server to discuss either game and meet up to play!!
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    I know this sound noobish but how to I get PPSSPP Online, I love the fact it can play off my PSP go.
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    Hey this is pretty cool, might have to hop on it! Thinking about playing it on my phone actually haha

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to bump this thread to let others know our community is still well alive and active with 1,000+ players.

    If you're at all interested in playing Portable 2 or Infinity online with others, this is a great way to do that! (Voice Chat is available if you'd like to use as well)

    We have instructions in the guide how to use the 60 FPS patches for both Portable 2 and Infinity as well.

    It's a legit community, so please keep any hacked characters/equipment completely offline.

    PS: JamRules / Weyu & translation team are targeting to release the Infinity English patch at the end of this year, so now is a good a time as any to play! Check out their English translation updates here:

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    Im looking to make this my maintenance game for PSO2 until PSU is back. It's very fun so far
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    Default PSPo2 nostalgia!

    I just wanted to pop in and say that I recently returned to Portable 2 in anticipation for the eventual Infinity English patch. After looking around, I saw this post and decided to join the server.

    I haven't done too much multiplayer, but a few of us recently went through the entirety of Challenge Mode. Even though it's been ages since I played this or Infinity, I still remember bits and pieces and had a lot of fun! Stage 6 is definitely still as annoying as it was nearly 10 years ago.

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