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    Default Are you ready for the Luster Class?

    This may be the final OG PSO2 class, so are you ready?

    I am:

    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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    Yeah, I've been neglecting my R-ATK centered character for too long so it's an excuse to pick em up again. More interested for Lu as a sub for the original Gunslash though than the actual class but who knows/

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    I'm super stoked - while Phantom and Etoile are cool, they didn't hype me up as much as when Hero came out. Luster got me as hype as I was for Hero release. Came back from the Global side to do the Road to Luster stuff so I think I'm set to get 95 with all the keys I got

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    Nope, Ive been using S-atk classes for far too long. I guess I'll be using may 60 R-atk units for my Luster later

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    I did the math and this is the first class I have enough resources to cap day one and then some.

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    I have to cap it twice. I think I have enough resources, but we'll see.

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    Well, woke up 90 minutes early, but now I need to go to the office:

    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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    got mine to 95 earlier, still got a bunch of gold bonus tickets to use :v

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