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    Default Playing again! Anyone else still active here?

    All my progress is gone because I had to sell my DS collection a couple of years back. But I got it again and am back on the grindstone... Got my racast back to lv 85 and just finished my first SH tower run... Netted myself a really nice spec'd adoralphs(level 4 element, bite stamp, 44 aa AND some good native/machine percentages), 2x H44 missouri (neither one have great specs) and... I can't believe it, but I got a 4slot Rika suit! Woot! I may even make a hunewearl now just to enjoy it

    Either way, not looking to actively play multiplayer, but I would love to have people to chat with the game about and maybe set up trades sometime
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    Come join our Discord! Active people here.

    Grats on making it thru the SH Tower

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    I'm playing again. Have yet to fiddle with my router to get this going online though but could be fun to play with someone else than NPCs.

    And maybe get the rares I keep thinking are only myths so far too.

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