I haven't seen any of the ep 6 story yet (keep forgetting to check it out).

Xiera is so very inefficient and her existence makes little sense. Her role is that of a machine but she was given a full human personality (and a sweet one at that) and she is neither here nor there.

She is an ai in a robot body that was created to love doing her job but on the other hand she also likes spending time with other things (as evidenced by the handful scenes of her outside the bridge) and considering ARKS technology and Xiao being himself the Akashic Record this is just plain stupid.

Why did Xiao not just create a non sentient ai running the ship or why did he not make Xiera like a Culture Mind, running the ship but having needing so few of her resources she can easily run an avatar at the same time or make her a Highcast like this but only needing to occasionally sit down to work like when defending the Ship during mother's attack in ep 4 and being able to do all the routine work from anywhere inside the ship at least, pretty sure ARKS wifi is up to the task.

Because as it stands Xiera is basically a slave who loves doing her job but also likes doing other things yet virtually never the ability to do anything other than work.

Someone should seriously talk to Xiao about legal working hours or something.