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    Default And thanks for nothing Sega >_>

    The new Trick or Treat also has time limits for enemy waves, including even the final 2 enemies of which Ange is a huge pain because his shields are far off screen and literally impossible to lock on to at times and whenever he gets remotely close to one of the side walls the cannons cannot reach him either because they can't aim very high.

    I finished my first run killing everything in time but the mere point was enough to drain all fun from the eq for me even though I usually like seasonal eqs.

    These bs timers Sega keeps adding to quests recently are so dumb, they add nothing of value and only are an arbitrary way to screw up and lose progress. They add as much "challenge" as finishing a game with far too few opportunities to save, it's really just inconvenience and annoyance.

    Apparently since people didn't the stupid stage xq orders they tried to add to quests a while back they now try a new bs gimmick, thinking as long as there is change, it's fine and no one bothers to check if it's actually fun.

    I mean, DQs are a great balance between challenge and fun yet besides them Sega just keeps adding tons of bs quest content these days (I haven't tried the new XQ yet, though).
    Feels like in about every episode there are a couple of people designing new content who know what is fun and what not and but they are always outnumbered by idiots who don't play or understand the game and just implement the first random idea someone mentioned at the last meeting.

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    Yeah, the Ange fight is dumb. You're meant to alpha strike it with exploding enemies, if it starts moving before they die you're screwed. The "fight Ange on foot" scenario doesn't really exist.

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