Forgive me if i created this thread in the general forums because i feel this thread doesn't fit into alignment
with the other pso 2 forums, and don't want to cause any trouble on here, but just couldn't think where would this
topic setting would fit into the forecast, because it's not technical or seeking tips and advice regarding in game But

It has been trouble figuring out a specific type of stats which granted suffering
trying to figure out why i cannot utilize slightly powerful guns/other weapons in inventory im level 61 human male ranger example...

starting with "Req RNG Pwr" 655 but current value shows 537 quickly scroll around different weapons
which are lower i have no clue on how or where to start breaking this down but far too complex
I've took to google after searching for answers and may have them, but some are some what confusing.
on my end who constantly doses near impaired due to being heavily medicated to the gills due to this life long chronic pain illness
which troubled me from childhood, following into my further adulthood. went on and
created one big image from clippings so i dont end up adding a plethora of images on one thread, which is nonsense
to my ability I'm not too sure if it's my MAG (level90) needed to be fed/upgraded more, and had some of these weapons are running over to the point of highly incapacitation hoarding both free storage
but should be able to use them by now after turning level 61... must be something
i need in order to change in maybe my skill tree points, which i have spent
on different skills photon double jump etc.

Image posted below in reference to what i am speaking of.
It's a 180 resolution image so i created as link instead had no intention resizing
image which would cause blurring along with possibles of manufacturing migraines in RL and so on.