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Thread: Meta Builds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneTechs View Post
    Interesting, I never looked into what they got so my assumption is they got almost everything

    really feeling this right now, its not even the nostalgia at this point.
    Laughing like mad because I made this a few hours ago and it's already spreading around

    Anyways also curious on "meta", it's been absolute ages since I played PSU seriously and would really like to see some reliable resources myself
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    One thing worth noting is Humans and Newmans get up to a 5% stat modifier to a lot of classes and that can make up for racial base stat modifiers of Casts and Beasts. You can see the table here:

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    Been going Newman Wartecher myself, Clem's balance changes have made a lot more things smooth sailing which I greatly appreciate
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    Newman Fighgunner myself, twin daggers are still ridiculous and boy how I have missed them.

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