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    Quote Originally Posted by Maulcun View Post
    A new gameplay from NGS was shown during the live broadcast in celebration of PSO 20th Anniversary!

    Really appreciate the link. Thank you!

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    Is that Xiera's voice I hear? She's a hi-cast, so maybe she (or another character with her model) could survive 1000 years with proper maintenance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyrusticae View Post
    It is not an expansion; progression always carries over between expansions. Here we're starting from zero. That, alone, is the hard dividing line that makes it extremely obvious that it's an actual sequel.
    Wrong. Your progression in PSO2 is not zero. Your progression in PSO2 is kept. Your level resets in NGS, which again, WoW did resetting levels making the cap 60 again and remaking the quest progression to match the level change. WoW will destroy any argument you can come up with that this is an expansion and not a new game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sol_trigger View Post
    still no release date ?
    They announced the closed beta, but that's it. I wouldn't expect a release date before that ends.

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    We should be hearing about when the closed beta starts soon though. We're halfway through January so they may announce when the beta period is for later this month.

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