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    Quote Originally Posted by rokkuman View Post
    Everything that was shown yesterday pleased me, although I'm not a fan of them bringing back NT grinding and affixing. Hopefully they'll fix their shortcomings.
    What's wrong with either of them???
    NT grinding is little more than feeding items for steady growth, the potential gates where you can waste exp are the only issue and it's not a big one.

    Literally all problems with PSO2 affixing are balancing and not mechanics issues. The system is the by far most fun upgrade mechanics ever and a really fun puzzle game that nets you epic gear if you ace it.
    The issue is with the balance of rng gates for some affixes like Lesser Stat 4>5 having only 20% or so base success or mutually exclusive affixes like Sentence and Flict and stuff like that.

    Dunno how I feel about exchanging fodder weapons for capsules because on the one hand it sounds kinda convenient but on the other hand I like the concept that in PSO2 weapons have so many different purposes.
    You find a weapon weaker than your own and you can recycle it for currency, use it to grind another weapon or affix another weapon, either as is or after unlocking the SAF or you sell it if it is worth enough or maybe you just give it to an alt who only ever does featured anyway. Or hell, to your support partner so it can get gather daily collect items better.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneTechs View Post
    I don't agree with you, JA's are already so low effort its habit for everyone at this point. Really no reason to remove JA's in the first place
    It's not the difficulty it's the point that in the visual clusterfuck this game loves to throw at you ja becomes impossible to see.
    Hell, in this new xmas eq I can barely see anything because most of the time some boss' ass is blocking half or more of my screen and often it's 2-3 bosses' asses at the same time.

    Luckily it seems they fixed the issue where the game would actually stop showing ja circles on your screen altogether in favor of focusing on other fx but with all the visual fx the game spams, even turning down other people's animations as much as possible it can still be iffy.

    It's a poorly designed mechanics, mainly because many weapons and attacks have different ja timing so unless you practice like mad and keep up training so you never get rusty you are always reliant on visual cues to some degree which the game cannot reliably provide.

    In the first place it offers nothing to the player because it's an arbitrary timing that adds nothing but inconvenience, i.e. it can easily mean you are a few frames too late too dodge (still stuck in the part of the attack animation you can't cancel) or part of your attack misses because you had to wait a few frames for the ja.

    And what you get from it is literally nothing, more damage that normally would be part of the attacks themselves and a lot of skills that don't proc whenever you make a mistake. There are more than enough other ways to create a challenging play style without a mechanic that is nothing but an inconvenience and leaves you at the mercy of the graphics engine.

    Anyway, seems like weapon combing or whatever will be pretty convenient but that's it. Doesn't seem it will be the awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneTechs View Post
    okay you didnt get my point, my point is this is a new game, why continue doing the nearly the same builds and class combos now in PSO2 but in a fresh coat of paint called NGS?
    It is not a new game, there is a prevailing misconception on this forum that PSO2 ends and NGS is Sega's new big online game but that is completely wrong.
    NGS is basically an addon, I mean we use the same characters and share fashion and stuff between the two for Christ's sake.
    PSO2 is still huge, NGS is just an extension. I mean, why bother upgrading the game's graphics, which is a massive effort,if they intend to let it die?

    In case anyone missed it, NGS's ui is nothing but the PSO2 ui with a new coat of PSU style paint, it's kinda of like a massive new quest type.
    It will grow alongside PSO2 but it's never more than a different game mode of the same game.
    The big fuss is because the amount of content for this new game mode far exceeds that of any other new content like new classes or CQs or BQs.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneTechs View Post
    Sega could have still done an International server, every plays together but they still segregate everyone for no reason. even JP players playing on the new Xbox are forced to play on Global servers instead of JP, I want to play the PS5 for being that reason but idk crossplay has starting to become more common that at this point its no excuse especially if theres a screw up on NA, we suffer on JP too
    They could but it's a giant effort that makes no sense at the moment.
    For one, the way the game works you lose content if you add all at once, these days most people don't care much but there are tons of quests we can no longer do, not even past seasonals but e.g. Magatsu (as trash as it is) is nowadays once a blue moon at best. EQs are an integral part of the game because human psychology makes us want to not miss an opportunity and EQs are a limited opportunity to play exclusive content with massive rewards, it's a huge draw that inconveniences players a lot but at the same time forces us to always come back. It also removes the problem of not finding a group for the most popular content.

    In the first place global servers only make sense if there is good reason to believe that people really want that and will use this feature enough to make it turn a profit rather than a waste of money and effort.

    Remember how often Sega has to add boosts and additional rewards for new content just to get people to play it and that's nothing but new quest types.

    With global servers rewarding people for playing with someone from a different timezone or something would just be bizarre and at the same time creates a punishment for not e.g. doing a quest with onyl your local friends which you want to do often because of timing issues, especially since so much of this game's content is for 8 or 12 players.

    In the first place EQs are scheduled at odd enough hours Sega wouldn't even have to change anything for global servers but at the same time NA players wouldn't end up playing with JP players that much anyway because an eq at locally 8pm will be other in the middle of the work / school day in the other time zone or early morning.
    Sure, Russians could play with JPs with little timing issues but the countries where the biggest playerbase will inevitably come from have a 7+ hours time difference. China is well, potentially a big market but also China and you can't rely on much.

    Now additionally there is the massive issue of licensing. There were tons of threads speculating about what happens with collab fashion which are a huge part of JP PSO2 and global servers means everyone needs to have access to all fashion with at best a handful exceptions or players will riot.
    Far too expensive and pointless to happen and already a dealbreaker on its own.
    It's not like it's impossible or will never happen that we get global PSO2 servers but at the moment there are a ton of issue that need resolving and there is absolutely no incentive for Sega to do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meteor Weapon View Post
    Base game had those gimmicky weapons such as spread needle and etc but it was already way too late at the point they were introduced. Late game solo/4pt content has been nothing but kill things faster to get better rewards or else fail. I hate divide quest because every thing is on timer, I know we can still get rewards even if the timer runs out but the fact that almost everything in this game punishes you for taking things too long is just exhausting and annoying.
    I agree on the timing, it's just annoying.
    But I disagree with Spread Needle and stuff, e.g. PSO2 Lavis Cannon was strong when it got added and PSO2 also has some fun weapons with unique mechanics. And in PSO1 Spread Needle was a must have for any ranger unless you used an S-Rank Needle instead, either way using any kind of shot could never make up for lacking a needle. Likewise Master Raven and Last Swan were also op af, both coming down to PSO1's worst flaw, punishing players heavily for attacking by making attack combos slow af and adding bs idle animations after the combo that literally forced you to still still and hope you don't get hit or avoid the 3rd hit of the combo in the first place.
    Because of this fast weapons like Needle and those Handgun speed mechguns were mandatory in many situations. There were some gimmick weapons like Plaintain Leaf or Orochiagito which were too weak to be useful (katanas being trash in general and all) and even PSO1 Lavis Cannon / Blade / Double Cannon were not good because of their unique mechanics but their stats but e.g. Dark Flow's mechanic could be op as hell with a skill player...though admittedly Dark Flow still lost in dps and aoe and usability to a high hit charge diska lol.

    In PSO2 you got Jupiter and the s5 that adds the unique effect to other weapons which is also strong. But mainly, the point is that unique gimmick weapons are never supposed to nor needed to make the game interesting, they are a fun gimmick to spice up gameplay a little on occasion and sometimes are also strong in PSO2.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheapgunner View Post
    I feel you on the Pure DPS vs Gimmick/Unique situation PSO2 had. Some of the gimmicks were cool as well some Codes like Burning Ranger early in the day, but the game moved too quick and too fast to enjoy such opportunities.
    That's just an issue with quest design, as slow af as PSO1 was there were a lot of much more interesting quests than there are in PSO2. E.g. there are few PSO2 quests with more than a tiny focus on obstacles besides TAs which are worthless now and were never more than a chore to get your daily or weekly Meseta infusion whereas some fun late endgame content in PSO1 had interesting obstacles and stuff like the Lost [weapon] series.

    In PSO2 the Burning Ranger quest was tbh just silly and back then weapon switching was difficult because the lag was so bad you often needed 3-5 seconds to switch during which you could not do anything.

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    Does it really matter though? You can call it a new game, an upgrade, an expansion, an extension, whatever and it won't change the fact that it's next entry in the Phantasy Star series.
    It offers elements from both a new game and an upgrade from original PSO2 so it's probably something in between, if you wanna be highly accurate about it.

    Most things I've seen of it seem well. If they don't fuck it up, the class + subclass system could be much better in NGS and offer much variety, but who knows.
    What I dislike a lot is, that NGS turns Phantasy Star in a generic MMO-type game just like all the other MMOs out there, where you have that big-ass world to go through with just instanced dungeons (or quest, or whatever they are gonna be called in the end). I much prefered PSUs and PSO2s mission-based system and thus I'm not sure if I will be able to enjoy NGS.

    I hate open world and I usually don't find enjoyment in other MMOs because of their world and how the game functions with it. If NGS turns into yet another Final Fantasy XIV, I guess I can still go play more good old PSU on Clementine and enjoy my beloved instanced, mission-based game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otakun View Post
    An expansion. It's an expansion. By your logic WoW is technically on the 3rd or 4th version. The gameplay is not as changed as people like to think it is. They just 'sucessored' the base classes, which anyone with a brain knew they were going to do eventually. The Photon Dash is just the fucking earth rings turned into a skill. lol Adding swimming is pointless until we see something more with it. A big instanced Advanced Quest like map with small instances in it again is nothing really new. I like the changes but Sega isn't breaking new ground here. It's an upgrade, not a new game.
    It is not an expansion; progression always carries over between expansions. Here we're starting from zero. That, alone, is the hard dividing line that makes it extremely obvious that it's an actual sequel.

    Sequels almost always carry over a bunch of stuff from the previous entry so I'm not sure you're making the point you think you're making here. Literally every asset in NGS is brand-spankin'-new. Even the animations are getting replaced wholesale. Having avatar cross-compatibility does not make this any less of a sequel.

    Not that this argument matters any, but I just can't agree with this logic at all. Sequels do not need to excise every element of their previous entries to be considered sequels.

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    nothing says killing time like arguing on whether or not NGS is an expansion, new game, sequel, season pass, dlc, indie game, alpha etc

    i'm sticking to expansion honestly, if we're getting the same classes but refined, it might as well be one. id argue elsewise if we didnt and the classes used a new set of gear or added on weapon types but theyre all just Class 2.0, very likely the same with the skill trees

    Quote Originally Posted by the_importer_ View Post
    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    I've seen sequels that change less than NGS does, and expansions that change more. I'm not sure why it matters whether it's a sequel or not though. I'd say it's still a separate game running on the same engine with cross compatibility, but whether or not it's an expansion or not is just semantics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    I've seen sequels that change less than NGS does, and expansions that change more. I'm not sure why it matters whether it's a sequel or not though. I'd say it's still a separate game running on the same engine with cross compatibility, but whether or not it's an expansion or not is just semantics.
    I don't know, I'd say it's interesting. NGS is a pretty unique case, and at least you get lots of opinions through generalized debates. Also an expansion is usually less exciting than a sequel, thus we're also debating this game's worth to an extent.

    Beyond that, it's a debate on the internet. It's no less or no more purposeful than 99% of those if you ask me.

    Quote Originally Posted by otakun View Post
    lol Adding swimming
    I was joking. Though it is exciting in a sense, as none of the terrain we've been shown has more than shallow water(afaik), and obviously we being on an island means the sea will be the limit, thus there was no real reason to add swimming at face value. So either it's just flavor, or the terrain gets more varied than we've been led to think.
    At worst it confirms a focus on making traveling around an interesting part of the game.
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    they are playing NGS

    haha we can run full speed in city now
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    Quote Originally Posted by oratank View Post

    they are playing NGS

    haha we can run full speed in city now
    Prints and infos
    I play on Ship 2 and my character's name is Cryska, feel free to send a friend request. PSO2 Ship2 キャラ名「Cryska」未プレイ時は基本的にロビークエストカウンター横に座ってます。見かけましたらお 気軽にフレ登録どうぞ。

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    NPC wearing Edel Serin
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    A new gameplay from NGS was shown during the live broadcast in celebration of PSO 20th Anniversary!

    I play on Ship 2 and my character's name is Cryska, feel free to send a friend request. PSO2 Ship2 キャラ名「Cryska」未プレイ時は基本的にロビークエストカウンター横に座ってます。見かけましたらお 気軽にフレ登録どうぞ。

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