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    Default Sodam solo UQ thread !

    Just here to compile some info and tidbits on the quest and boss

    Floor rewards

    Every -5 stages (so 5/15/25 etc) gives 50SG
    Floor 1 : S1 : Offensive intent 2
    Floor 10 : S2 : Instant Purpose
    Floor 20 : S3 : Skilled Intent
    Floor 30 : S4 : raising pursuit
    Floor 40 : S5 : Anthesis cultivation
    Every filler stage in between those rewards you with 5 weapon passes


    We get a title per class clear.
    Legacy Classes : Diamos x10 per title
    Successor classes : Emer Fragment x100 per title
    Additionally, there is a title reward for every 10 floor clear
    Floor 10 : Ability boost +50%
    Floor 20 : Special ability pass x 10
    Floor 30 : Ability boost +55%
    Floor 40 : Special ability pass x 20


    Similarly to Masquerade, the boss "evolves" as you go up
    Floor 1-9 : only Ice + Fire phases, no combined element when his HP goes under 50%. 0% healing reduction
    Floor 10-19 : Same but Lightning phase is added. 10% healign reduction now tacked in
    Floor 20-29 : Same with Wind phase added. Healing reduction goes to 30%
    Floor 30-39 : Now boss gets all phases + the combined elements when his HP drops under 50%. Healing reduction goes up to 40%
    Floor 40 : Adds the final raid phase to the fight.

    Interestingly enough , while the boss is objectively easier than Masq, the emphasis seems to be put more on timer pressure : while he has very little HP in the first floors, his HP is steadily and very visibly going up with stages (apparently around 66M for floor 20 up to 90M at floor 32 according to swiki, and floor 40 adds its own extra HP on top of the fight)., and he hits harder and harder. While it's still not an issue for now , I suspect this will become one in the last stages.

    I'll try to keep this regularly updated(maybe) xD
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    Seems the last raid part was for floor 40 only, as 41 and 42 are back to same old. Wonder if that part will be kept only for each 10 floors now. I am salty that we get no title until 70, so big chance the Stone we all want will end up being floor 100 now /:

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    thanks for the correction, I'm a bit behind due to extended maintenances robbing me of my runs.
    Also it's not certain we'll have to wait for 70 as SEGA does hide some of its titles pretty often, so we can only be sure once we reach 50/60 !

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    First floor was surprisingly fun, turns out if you take away the bs parts of the fight like visual clusterfcking and that annoying twister all that's left is a good boss fight. Well, if not for that massive lag but that might be just me >_>.

    Also I really appreciate that Offensive Intent 2 drops from floor 1, is it a fixed drop or just a chance of a drop?

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    Every -5 stages (so 5/15/25 etc) gives 50SG till 999?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oratank View Post
    Every -5 stages (so 5/15/25 etc) gives 50SG till 999?
    Max Depth is 100.
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Hmmm seems the rock was from clear 50th itself. No title of course. I assume next steps will be s6/7/8 (crit one, glowing grace and sky dance probably). Not going to bother to find out myself though, I am done with this

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    A really great battle. And the little surprise at stage 40 is cool.
    But since I already got what I wanted, I'll slow down the pace.

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    Got reminded how annoying this fight is, especially with fi it must be a nightmare. Well, not difficulty wise but the frustration levels are something else.
    I mean it's a solo quest and yet half the time this boss doesn't even face me, whether it teleporting or attacking past me towards the middle of the area it's constantly moving and when you are close you are often at the side and not the front anymore and accordingly can't hit the weakspot and on fi you also won't be proccing brave stance.

    Also, never knew you can get interrupted during Full Connect but I got frozen at the start of the giant sword swing and then it teleported to the other end of the area while I was frozen.
    I got so angry I ragequit even though I was less than 30s away from the time I beat it at on my previous run.

    I swear this game is like 3/4 mechanics that can fuck up spectacularly purely based on enemy ai rng.

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    That's just how it is. The same way masq shits over bow braver, sodam gets obliterated by it. Fighter is pretty good agains the former but struggles a bit here.

    Typically you want something that isn't slow or has range. Literally any ranged or tech class will do, and using et dual blades is asking to be shit on honestly. While my time is a bit worse I do it fine with wand, etoile is perfectly capable of killing the thing, but dbs are basically everything you shouldn't bring. ds also does a fine job and you have counters to abuse with it.

    Which fighter weapon are you trying with?
    Consume the fallacy

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