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    Default AC SCRATCH: Tenderly Electro-Voice (23 DEC 20 - 27 JAN 21)

    A shame that the new holiday outfits are Costumes and not Layered Wear, but it is what it is. I really only want one thing, those twin tail extensions, but I know they will be ridiculously priced...
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    I was hoping they would bring more recolors to Perennial Opulence, mostly the basewear, in Moon? Nope. Guess this year end scratch has disappointed me.
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    Another dress for male characters. \o/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    Another dress for male characters. \o/

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    The turquoise variant of Mitel Torian was a welcome surprise and the Akari and Yukari M body paints are very good, but it doesn't seem like I'll ever get the F variants. The male version of Akari's outer is pretty neat. I'm also quite fond of Rose Bracelet Blue.

    Overall, there wasn't a whole lot I wanted from the scratch, but that fortunately meant I was able to get everything I wanted that could realistically be obtained. Too bad I spent ~34m even when paying as little as possible, all thanks to inflation. My only complaints are the usual ones: lack of male clothing, ugly recolors, little recolors for males, etc.
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    Low supply for a meh scratch, so prices are too high to be worth it IMO. I should be happy I am saving meseta, but now I am worrying I wont be spending it at all if they keep these scratch routines.

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