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    Default What*'s the fashion like on the NA Server, especially collabs?

    Before PSO2 was announced to actually come out in NA everyone speculated about how it will work, if fashion will still be central to generating profits so the game can continue being f2p without being pay to win, so what is it like?

    Do they just add all the non collab scratches that were in the JP version as well and occasionally throw in some original fashion like the Sonic hair and I assume this recent Pilgrim / Uncle Sam fashion that we got in the JP version was originally from the NA version as well.

    And how about the collab scratches?
    There was a lot of speculation if they would be added to the NA version since it seemed likely new deals would have to be negotiated for that which probably wouldn't be profitable since too many of those collabs were with IPs not well known in the West.
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    literally go to their site and check out what they got. Global did get a lot of the scratches/collabs but phasion wise its cheaper depending on what you get. Global market is uhh not my favorite but youre basically richer there than JP varying on luck/drops.

    cheaper meaning layer wear could be in the 200k-2mill range, hair could be cheaper. it just depends, ppl charge over 100mil for gear, like Enchanted Forest gear would fetch 100mill ea weapon awhile back. Global market is drastically different from JP
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