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    Default Next Update 01/06/2021

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    Magatsu again and not Yamato in space ? well i guess earth chapter in EP6 its even worthless then :/

    to be said january and february will be boring months as always

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    The Space Magatsy quest for XH×

    Limited Quest: Space Magatsu
    January 6th ~ January 20th

    Revisit last year's LQ with new drops added in!

    New Drops (XH+)

    Grind Cap +1
    Deimos Stone
    Emer Fragment
    Grainne Crystal
    Unlocker Liberate
    Time Reversal Stone Cronos
    Amphitrite Stone
    Divine Eyestone Graeae
    *Profound Sinixion
    *Celestial Pleaxion
    *Talon Wolk
    S1 Add: Eclipsing Delay
    S2 Add: Skilled Intent 2
    S3 Add: Flowing Grace
    S4 Add: Calming Intent
    S4 Add: Raising Pursuit
    S5 Add: Anthesis Cultivation
    S6 Add: Raising Expanse
    S7 Add: Glowing Grace
    S7 Add: Rainbow Skill
    S8 Add: Sky Dance Boon
    If you farming for Sky Dance Boon, Emer fragments or stones for any kind, the next 2 weeks will be it. That and the 300% Xp and RDR for all quests will be available too.

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    I spent absurd amounts of time playing the last two weeks, as much as in the past 7-8 months before that combined.
    But now I wanna spam all them keys and get enough Deimos Stones for my 2nd lightweaver and then have 50 left for a unit once I finally get those damn mondules.

    I just cannot see myself getting a divine eyestone or even a liberate unlocker or rare weapon camo, my drop luck is in the gutter. I only ever get those fancy "rare" items once they stopped being rare and drop often.

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