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    Talking I kinda wish this game was slower...

    I'm having a ton of fun with it but I really kinda wish it wasn't so zippy and all over the place. I miss the speed of PSU and being able to actually breathe without having to fly around all over and zip zip zip bam bing boom and numbers go crazy and ahhhhhhh!

    Lots of fun but sometimes it's just a bit much with all the zipping around...

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    I can agree. I presume some of it has to do with catching up to JP. As out of shape as I am in this place, I'm in hopes New G is on some grounds a paced experience.
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    Yes, this game is definitely much faster than previous games and it is easy to get lost in the action, especially when in a group with lots of other players. Sometimes I too miss the slightly slower pace of PSU and I find I really miss the atmosphere of PSO. That said, I am still playing regularly so it must be doing something right.
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    PSO2 NGS seems like it may be more friendly for those who want to play at a slower pace. While the combat is faster and more mobile, there's slower paced exploration areas (up to 32 players, have fewer enemies, can do stuff like gathering and such) and the faster paced battle areas (up to 8 players, more enemies, has locations marked in the map with enemies or emergency trials).
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