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    Default Where the hell is everybody now?

    Like... where did we all migrate to? We use to be so consolidated and now it seems like everywhere I go PS related is dead AF. So where are the new spots and where is the activity at?

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    I still lurk on PSO-World. mostly in college trying pursing my dreams. taking classes on animation mentor. and local in digital media. maybe thinking about coming animator or storyboard . PS games made it all started . so I'm like less playing PS games. that time of age when I start to think about careers.

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    Don't know about the others, but I'm still hanging around almost daily, just not posting.
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    Lurking now and then, I have to agree it is quiet per say. Outside any unknown migration, daily life I presume.
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    I'm on FFXIV right now. I was in WoW for a bit for Legion, Classic, and the first bit of Shadowlands. I mostly socialize on discord and reddit, but it's just not as good as PSOW was.

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    I am always lurking in the dark shadows of PSO World, waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting new members. Oh and any post deserving of my two cents.

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    I am being a overlord in my dove kut kingdom.

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    I check back in once or twice a year—usually too lazy to log in though. Seems like anyone who still plays PSO or PSU sticks to whatever their server of choice uses, be it a forum or discord.

    Definitely isn't 01-10 anymore.
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    PSO-World is a game?

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