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    Quote Originally Posted by MikonX View Post
    This is the only game forum I've ever encountered where people wear *not* playing the game as some misguided badge of pride.
    Playing the game would be cool...

    If there was any content left to play. Like, holy shit, PSO2 always dripfeed content at us, and especially so during ep 6, but now even that tiny stream dried out. All the updates that were supposed to be here a month ago were pushed for later, which means until march 3rd comes the game is very much dead.

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    Dem 5 Ability Passes thou.

    j/k lol

    Regarding the cartoon, I think a depressed/numb look would be more appropriate on the last panel, maybe something closer to Forever Alone, except with no tears.
    "Well, the important thing is, you were mad online about a fictional universe." - Mangini In A Bottle - io9

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