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    this bugs me
    i am a lvl 55 humar with a skyly id
    and i have logged 85 hours,
    and beaten dark falz on hard mode by myself
    so why the hell do i get no rare weapons
    so far all i have gotten are

    DB'S SABER (about 20 of these)
    VARISTA (about 10 of these)

    where on the other hand my lvl 33 friend
    has been getting photon claws, double sabers, parasite wear, and other cool stuff
    he cant even make it through ruins on normal by himself
    so why does he get the goods
    while i am stuck playing with DB and his stoopid sabers

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    Well, one last post before ebdtime

    Ok, as for Photon Claws, they are a dime a dozen in V. Hard Mines 2. I actually used to give them out to people as "Thank you for playing with me" gifts. Most of the ones I found were actually in crates, not from monsters. VERY common there.

    The Parasite Wear is a special armor thats dropped about 25% of the time when you beat the Giga Shrimp (Caves boss) on Hard or V. Hard. It's, well, sucks, at least, in my opinion. (but then again, I'm a bucket of bolts, and us tin cans cant use em. I like my ultimate frame better anyway)

    The Double Sabre...I dunno. I never found one. Although I have a VERY legit friend who told me a Chaos Bringer in Normal Mode dropped the one he found, and I believe him when he says that.

    If your friend is high enough for V Hard, maybe he was in mines and got the claw. Maybe he lucked out in Normal Ruins and got the Double Sabre. Maybe he beat the Shrimp on Hard and got the Armor.

    Very possible.

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    DUDE i m level 96 and I havent found half that shit so consider yourself lucky...and i play vhard all the time. Logged at least double the time you have on top of that. The rares i find are few and far between, some say it depends on your section id. Next to that, what can u do? I have it worse then you.

    Ps some items can only b found in some areas...

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    your section id has a lot to do with what you find for example im a lvl 100 humar with over 250 hrs logged i find double sabers all the time and a few other semi rare things but never the photon claw while on the other hand my father who also plays from his home has half the time logged and has found 5 claws (in the ruins on normal no less) but he has never found a double saber. we both use what we find the easiest to trade for the stuff we can't find on our own. i suggest you find a friend with a diffrent section id and trade what you find the easiest with what they find the easiest. i think thats what they created the section ids for....or you can just start 5 diffrent guys all diffrent section id like i have just begun to

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    Are you playing on or off-line? I have 5 characters, 2 of them at 40+. My viridia doesn't find much on or off. My redria finds mass goodies off, as well as a decent amount on. My skyly does a little better than the viridia. I haven't logged enough on the pinkal or yellowboze to tell. I have been asking my friends, and the general consensus is section id. We are sort of human and therefore fallible. Take that into consideration. Just trying to give a little insight.

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