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    I'm just curious if these message capsules are easy to carry. Anyway, here are almost all Red Ring Rico's messages, though I'm missing the ones from ultimate. My character is too scared to venture into Ultimate Ruins and fight the 2nd boss in Episode 2. I may do the research thingie in Episode 2. I hope I didn't miss anything. I hope this helps for fanfic writers.


    Red Ring Rico Messages

    Forest 1

    Ah, testing, testing... Cough! I'm Rico, Rico Tyrell. I'm a hunter. This capsule is for anyone who has come here looking for me. I hope this helps you. I don't know who you are, but you must know that there's something unusual about Ragol This is important. Pay attention to everything around you if you want to survive.

    What made the animals become so violent all of a sudden? They weren't before. They were very quiet and friendly... There must be some cause. I'll find it. I know I'm a fool. This won't make me any richer. Perhaps that's why I'm exalted by them... Red Ring Rico, ha, ha. But I'm not really the great hunter citizens say I am. They just needed a hero. And I just happened to fill that position.

    Disable the laser fences by using the colored switches.

    Red gates are locked. Green means they're open. Of course you knew that...

    Rag Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on. When a Rag Rappy falls down, it may still be alive. So be careful.

    Boomas... I don't like their weird faces. Be careful, you don't want to get surrounded by them.

    Wow... bodies of dead animals... We hunter sometimes use firearms, but this... They were killed by firearms that are much stronger than ours!

    Forest 2

    A disaster occurred. Things were shaking, then something broke through the surface. And then it exploded in the Central Dome! I don't know what to say... For 7 years, we've tried to adjust and improve the environment. What was it? Was it related to the accidents we've had recently?

    Look for a switch to activate the bridge!

    Pioneer 1 may have damaged the ecological system of Ragol before we were aware of it. So, the native creatures tried to remove the invaders. That's one supposition. But what about the explosion? I need more information. I have to go do some research.

    If you can't hit a Hildebear, try standing in front of it. Of course, I don't miss.

    Tactics are important, but strategy is vital. You have to think about how you can put yourself into an advantageous situation. Look, learn, analyze and judge. Think carefully.

    I heard that this tall column was built to commemorate the immigration of Pioneer 1. But... it may just be me, but it doesn't look very new. And these patterns... aren't they characters?

    No. It won't open. It might be easier to look for another way to get in.

    Cave 1

    Wow... this cave is a treasure trove of discoveries. Creatures that have never been seen by people. Completely unknown animals. They look like mutant forms of the native animals... Perhaps the government has kept this a secret...? It's possible... but for what purpose?

    The attack range of the Grass Assassin is wide. Move quickly to enter its blind spot.

    If you hear an alert, be careful! There must be land mines around you. You can detect them if you use the Trap Vision.

    Evil Sharks attack in obvious straight movement patterns. Don't get surrounded.

    The Nano Dragon is a fierce monster. It becomes stronger as it kills others. I suggest you defeat it as quickly as possible.

    Be careful of the Poison Lily's toxic spit.

    Cave 2

    Pofuilly Slime tends to attack at close range. That's not good for Rangers or Forces. Be careful.

    You may find yourself trapped by a parasite mine in the ground. To free yourself, ask someone to hit you with a technique or gun.

    I know that Pioneer 1 had some strange aspects to it. In the data that I procured, the consumption rate was much higher than the population... Perhaps there were a lot of non-registered citizens onboard. Why? What was their purpose?

    I never imagined that a trap would look like a switch!! How devious!

    My first question about Ragol was, "Why didn't any sentient life exist here?" But... look at this monument! This is identitcal to the one I saw in the forest! It's NOT ours though... Was there an ancient civilization on Ragol? But these monuments are the only evidence that I see... It'd be strange if there was a civilization, indeed... Can I decipher the characters with my simple tools?

    Ah, the characters on the monument... I don't have any idea how to proceed. I need more samples.

    Cave 3

    Pan Arms are a little tricky. They get stronger when they combine. But they're really quick when separated. Don't panic, OK?

    I saw it with my own eyes. An animal metamorphosed when it was pierced by a tentacle from that giant worm. Were the monsters I saw in the cave all changed by that giant worm?

    I've got such mixed emotions... I'm scared, but excited, inspired even! Should I act as a scientist now? Or should I act as a hunter who is facing unknown enemies? I feel like someone's herding me somewhere... but where? To the underground... I feel like I'm being invited.

    Mine 1

    To defeat Canadines, first disrupt their formation. The red one is the leader. Kill it first. It makes the battle easier.

    This area... Apparently technology was involved in creating this. Why did they dig so deeply into the ground?

    Don't panic if you see more than one Sinow Beat. Just find the real body.

    I'm attacked by robots this time... What are they?! They were customized robots originally for industrial use... Who did this? I can understand animals being metamorphosed by a crustacean into mutants, but... These were robots. Somebody modified them. Was it done by someone from Pioneer 1?

    I heard a rumor that the government was building a secret underground factory. Were the robots manufactured in the secret factory? Or, was the factory a decoy? The government was developing another project behind it... Information is always controlled by the government. We don't know the truth at all. We hunters are always used by the government. We're just tools to them.

    Mine 2

    A Dubchic will get up when knocked down from an attack. There must be a switch to kill them all simultaneously. Look for it.

    Here, I found the third one. Will it fit together when all the parts are combined? "Light, darkness, pair, exist, unlimited, rule, seal..." I can make out each word, but I still don't understand the meaning of the whole thing.


    I can now say that there was an ancient civilization on this planet. Ruins buried in the ground. This is evidence. The government was about to secretly conduct an excavation to study the ruins.

    No intelligent life was discovered when Pioneer 1 landed here... Something else must have caused the destruction of this ancient civilization. What happened on Ragol in the past?

    The government was decoding the characters as well. Here is their analysis. I'll try to fill in the gaps with my own data. "Light, darkness... a pair, no... exist, no exist... unlimited, seal... MUUT DITTS POUMN...? What's the last line? An incantation? Seal, seal... what is sealed? Where? Is it about the door? Was it sealed with the words, MUUT DITTS POUMN? Maybe each word in the incantation represented something? I found three monuments... Are they keys to open the door?

    Ruin 1

    Why am I here, with monsters lurking everywhere? Did the army even stand a chance against them?

    Frontal attacks againsts Delsabers are ineffective. So don't try it. Go around to its back.

    What is this big hole? It looks like... remnants of some type of energy explosion. ...Energy...? Was the Central Dome destroyed by this!?

    I can't move... what a horrific trap. I wish I had a friend here...

    Don't let yourself get surrounded by Dimenians!

    Wreckage...! These weapons are from Pioneer 1. They must have already entered the ruins, and from the look of things, fighting went on. It must've been a big battle. Seems our army was hurt badly.

    I can see a distant view through this window... The "ruins" are huge. I would never have imagined such a great civilization...

    Those strange characters were found here and there. I think I have enough samples to decipher the meaning of the message on the monument. "Light makes darkness, a pair, exists, but it doesn't always exist. Reincarnation goes forever. The rule is here. It should be sealed. MUUT DITTS POUMN" ... Does it make sense? I wish I had enough time to study these unknown characters...

    Dark Belra's are very slow, but they have lots of health. Prepare for a long battle.

    Do you see the crystals floating around the Chaos Sorcerer? One is used for attack, and the other is for healing.

    Claws should be easy to defeat. They are weak. But be careful when they combine into a Bulclaw.

    Ruins 2

    I haven't studied all the characters yet, but I've got some useful information. This is the most important fact that I have found. There was NO ancient civilization on Ragol. We didn't discover the ruins. This is a spaceship. A gigantic spaceship.

    Still moving... The ship's still operating!

    Be careful of the Chaos Bringer's charge. Dodge the charge, then attack it from behind.

    I'm not inside the ancient spaceship. Well, it's not just a spaceship. It's a... "casket." Something or somebody was sealed in this spaceship to remain buried here. What is IT? Why was something buried in such a manner? Anyway, I know that a monster is sleeping in this cave. We've opened the forbidden door.

    You need to wait until a Dark Gunner stops to hit it. It's impervious to damage when it's moving around.

    I want to run away! But I have no place to return to... Perhaps no one will ever find this message and listen to it. Ever... Pioneer 2 will not come down when they discover that this planet is dangerous. Will someone from Pioneer 2 still come to save us? Who knows? Regardless, I leave this message here. This is evidence of my existence.

    Ruins 3

    Dark Falz! That's the name. The god of destruction that revives in the millennial cycle. Perhaps the entity encountered a civilization thousands of years ago. They could not defeat it, but managed to seal it in this gigantic spaceship. They abandoned it somewhere far from their planet. It was this place, Ragol. We've come to a terrible place at the worst possible time...

    I miss my father. I wasn't a very good daughter... was I? Is my father OK now?

    Dark Falz is a consciousness. This entity has no body.

    Don't let it come in. The dark consciousness looks for the best animal to obtain its temporal host body.

    This mist is very unusual...Be careful!

    The door is already opened. We opened it. This may be the beginning of the end of the universe. We have to do something... We must do it. We have to defeat it now! Defeat it before that dark "thing" revives with the perfect body.

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    Read my fanfic. Part of it (to be written) includes rico, flowen and **** going down into ruins, leaving capsules as they go.

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    However, it is just my idea of what happened. It may be different

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