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    What does your forum name mean? If you named yourself by your character, why did you name your character that?

    Mine is from my cat, Stinger. My cat was named after a Stinger Missle. I didn't name myself Stinger here because I assumed Stinger was already taken

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    Mine is from Guntz, from Shining Force. If you've never played that game, I seriously urge you to either find a copy or get an emulated version somewhere. It's one of the best turn based strat games ever!

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    i had this name as the name i wanted (vincent) was taken already
    Anyway Vincent is the best guy ever in ny of the final fantasys and now all my friends call me vincent

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    Moo. I'm always Moo (or something with moo on the title) for everything. So if you see a "Moo" somewhere else besides PSO, ask and it's probably me!

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    Mine is from Earthbound.

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    Mizu means water in japanese, had that name for so long, I don't even really remember why. If that name's taken, then I just go with Akari, sounds the female version of Akira.

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    Mine is from a random fantasy name generator.

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    Ranma 1/2, sort of.

    There was a panda in one episode (not Gemna, but a badly-drawn one) that had lEtTeRs LiKe ThIs in the subtitles, so... LamerPanda. Fwoosh.

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    I dunno, mine is dope though....

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    My name on other forums is Crystal_Clear.

    I got it from the Crystal Sword in Final Fantasy 2/4

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