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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    I'm new, first post, let's see how this goes shall we? For now I'm using only my characters, if they resemble other chars in any way shape or form, it is purely coincednce, thank you.

    The hunter stood in the ruins, his back to the wall, panting from running so hard. He checked his pistol, having lost his other weapons in a fall, and found it nearly drained. He swore, hoping that the next room would hold a way out, or perhaps a telepipe. With his mental energies so low, he couldn't even cast Ryuker, and couldn't very well climb back up the way he'd come.

    "Well," he said to his mag, "Looks like this is where things get interesting." it simply squeeked at him, hovering a few inches from his face.

    "Heh, I know I could get killed in there, so keep out of trouble if I do. If I hear that you've done something like blasting another Hunter, I'll have to come and berate you." he smiled.

    The mag squeeked again, seeming unhappy.

    "Oh don't worry, the most that will happen to you is a few scratches. Now then, you ready," it bobbed up and down, "Good, here we go!" and he whipped around the corner, pistol ready to fire.

    There was silence as he looked around the empty room. It was large, larger than any he had seen so far in this place. There was a large pillar in the middle, more long than wide, and two doors leading off to the sides.

    "Or it could be empty," he frowned, "But at this point I could care less. Let's see if we can find anything to help." and he went to check the left door.

    Behind the door he found a few boxes, with nothing of real interest to him, though he found a saber in one, and that cheered him up a bit.

    "At least with this I can fend things off better," he said, swinging it experimentally, "And it seems like a fine weapon."

    The mag agreed, then became iritated by something.

    "Hmm," the hunter said, readying the saber. Things appeared in the back of the room, and started after him, "Oh great," and he backed out of the room, "Let's pray the other rooms is more promising, I'm in no shape for a long fight." and he made a dead run around the pillar.

    The other room held a strange device, broken beyond recongnition. In the mess he noticed a small crystal, looking like one that would power a photon weapon.

    "Here's to hoping this thing still works." he ejected the near dead crystal from his pistol, thrusting the "new" one in and readying it to fire as the things came into view. One came around the corner and he pulled the triger, not expecting what happened next. The gun fired a huge blast, and when the energy passed, the thing was gone, the door erased, and a huge hole punched in the pillar. The pistol barrrel was melting, the rest of it was hot to the touch.

    "Good thing I have insulated gloves." the hunter said as the pistol melted away. He removed the crystal before the clip area could fuse shut, sticking it in a pocket and dropping the remains of the gun. He stepped out of the room, finding the other monster gone. It was then he saw the fourth door exiting the room to his right and started toward it.

    "I'm getting a bad feeling, how about you?" the mag remained silent.

    The door opened before them, and they walked down a long hall to another, larger door. The hunter looked it over, unable to understand the writing before him.

    "Rico's messages said she'd decifered(sp) this," he shook his head, "I wish she hadn't gotten lost down here. There aren't many good hunters left aboard Pioneer One, and we could really use her help right now." he touched the door, and it slid slowly open. Inside was darkness, and he could only make out shapes in the darkness. It seemed to be a control room of sorts, though it was long lost to time and decay.

    "I re-ally wish I hadn't lost my flashlight." he said, but took a step in anyway. Suddenly the room lit up, revealing not a control room, but more of a throne room. The throne didn't look too inviting however, as there were bonds that would hold a person to the chair.

    "But why is there a thing like that here? No one found any signs of living quarters or anything, so why would this be here?"

    He was answered by sounds behind him, he spun around, lashing out with the saber. It caught a creature by surprise, and the thing fell. Several others swarmed into the room, surrounding him.

    "Oh this isn't good." he said, then began chopping at the hoard. He managed to get a few of them before they were on him, and then darkness fell, his conciousness fading...

    "Uhn," his eyes opened slightly, and he saw someone before him, someone familiar, "Rico?" he said in surprise.

    The room lit up, and he saw that she was halfway absorbed into a thing similar to the creatures running around the ruins. It descusted(sp) him, though he was to exhausted to lose his lunch.

    The things muttered around him, their speech seeming almost human, but his head was fuzzy from the fight, and resulting unconciousness.

    "Yes, but we cannot take it from him," said a voice, coming from the thing absorbing Rico, "But he will make a fine addition to the ranks."

    "No..." he said, as was taken away. His thoughts drifted to his son that he'd left on their home planet, hoping a better future lay ahead of him than this.

    "Sora..." he said.

    "FATHER!" Sora yelled, sitting up in his bed.

    Looking around he slumped back down again. He'd been having these dreams for the past few months. He was onboard Pioneer Two, waiting patiently the last few days for his Hunter's License to clear and allow him access to the planet's surface. He hoped to find his father, who, like everyone else aboard the first Pioneer ship, had disappeared. His father had been a great Hunter, and he had followed his father's footsteps, to a point. He was a force, holding more control over spells than his father had, but at the cost of not being nearly as strong. He would still make his way on this new world, and find out what had happened.

    His mag floated up near his head, distressed by his earlier outburst. He pet it, and it crooned happily, glad to see it's Hunter in no sort of danger.

    "We'll get to go down there soon," he told it, "Then we'll see ourselves what went on."

    Okay, done for now. Now let's see how the PSOing goes, shall we? ;>

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    At your front door....


    Cool guy!

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    Good, strong opening so far. I like it, want to see more coming.

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    Hehe, wow, didn't expect a response like that. It may or may not stay as interesting as the begining there, but it should pick up later. It's gonna be lower level characters for a bit, but I think I'll make jumps between some posts where they run around and it's not described. Here we go again!

    Sora was heading for the teleporter that led to the surface of Ragol a few days later. His License had been give then okay, and he was now aloud to go down.

    "Let's just hope the creatures aren't too strong." Sora said to his Mag. It chirped at him.

    "Hey!" someone yelled.

    Sora turned around to see someone with a rifle strapped to their back running toward him, waving. They wore an outfit that was mostly purple, her gray hair tied up right above the back of her head.

    "Are you heading down to the surface?" she panted when she reached him.

    "Yeah, why?"

    "Can you give me some help then? I got a really wierd quest, and the client suggested I bring other Hunters. You look like you could handle yourself down there."

    "I'm actually just going down for my first time." Sora replied.

    "Oh," she was thoughtful for a moment, "Well, I'm sure you can handle it. Nothing in the forests near the dome are that bad. If the going gets tough just take off, we'll go for a war of attrition." (yes I realize that the monsters would keep following them in the "real world" but that doesn't mean you can't just keep backing up! ;> )

    "If you say so." he said, feeling more than a little nervous.

    "You'll do fine," she gave him a slap to the back, "Now come on!" she stepped onto the teleporter.

    "What exactly is it that we're doing?" he joined her.

    "Hunting a red Hildebear!" she winked as they disappeared.

    It was some time later before they arrived at the forest area nearest the Dome. Sora felt on edge as they stepped off the teleporter pad.

    "See," Laura said, "Nothing to it! I told you you'd be fine!"

    Sora sighed, looking at the ranger as she started off into the forest again. She was good, really good. She almost scared him as she blasted away at the Boomas and Wolves with her rifle. She also repeatedly cast spells that created red and blue auras around her and her weapon. She said they were called Shifta and Deband, augmenting her offensive and defensive capabilities. She kept casting them because they quickly ran out at her current skill level.

    "I'll be able to maintain them longer once I can find a higher level disk," she had said, "For now though they're the best I've got."

    They had found a couple of disks during their jaunt, and she had given them to Sora, saying that she already had better. He had at his disposal not only the fire spell he'd been given with his license, but also a lightning spell and a healing spell. They had also found various armors and weapons, a couple of which were broken, but one was still in good condition and fit Sora. A saber they found, "Looks good on you", as Laura had put it.

    "It should be around here somewhere..." Laura said, "Just get ready to run if it takes us by surprise. The things are normally viciuos, and theres no telling what this one could be like."

    "Right." Sora nodded. They'd had to run a few times already from large packs of the forest animals. If this Hildebear was bigger than they were, a pack could kill them.

    "Shh," Laura said, stopping and listening, "What was that?"

    "RAGH!" somethign jumped through the foliage to their left straight at Sora, giving him little chance to do anything.

    "Sora!" Laura yelled.

    Sora was frozen for a moment, then put his arms forward and quickly said what he thought was the lightning spell, but needles of light sprayed from his hands, exploding on the creatures chest and throwing it back into the bushes.

    "Holy cow! How did you do that? What was that?"

    "I...I don't know..." he looked at his hands. They were burned slightly, and stung a great deal.

    Laura looked over them a second, then nodded, "They'll be fine, just give them a bit, and you may want to keep out of combat 'til we get done. You might be able to cast spells, but try not to cast that again."

    "Trust me I won't." he shook his hands, and Laura went to check on the creature.

    "The good news is that it's dead, the bad news is that it wasn't the right one."

    "Great." he stopped shaking his hands and followed her as she wandered off.

    They traversed the forest for another half an hour, running into a few creatures along the way, but no more Hildebears, nor the red 'Bear they were searching for.

    "It shouldn't be this hard to find I wouldn't think..." Laura said.

    "Maybe it knows we're after it and it's hiding..." Sora suggested.

    "Maybe," she replied, "I've heard the creatures have been getting slowly more intelligent since the destruction of Dark Falz."

    "Mmm..." Sora said. The news of Dark Falz's appearance in the ruins below Ragol was startling, but at the same time the Hunters who slew it were proclaimed heroes. Now all the Hunters were sent on missions to clear out the remaining monsters on Ragol. The problem was that there didn't seem to be an end to them...

    "Hey look." Laura whispered, pointing.

    Sora looked where she indicated down below them, and saw a large red animal similar to the Hildebear they'd seen earlier.

    "And here I was begining to think they'd been pulling my leg. Come on, let's get a closer look."

    "Is that a good idea?" he whispered back.

    "Well, I'd prefer not to have to shoot it if I don't have to, so let's hope it's not hostile." and she stepped on a branch by accident.

    The 'Bear whirled around, then roared, thundering toward them.

    "Holy...!" Laura shouted, then began blasting away with her rifle. The thing ignored her shots, even though several would have felled the previous 'Bear.

    "Duck!" she practically screamed, throwing Sora and herself to the ground. The thing sailed overhead, landing a few feet behind them. They jumped to their feet and took off at a dead run, Laura firing back at it.

    "You think you can get off that one wierd spell again?" she panted.

    "I don't know!" he shook his head.

    "Well it's probably a better idea than running like this for much longer!"

    Sora kept running for a moment, then stopped and turned around, trying to recall what he'd done to call up the arrows of light. After a moment he had it, saying it as fast as he could. The thing was on him in an instant, and he doubted he could finish before it got him.

    Out of nowhere someone did a flying jump kick into the things face, sending it back a couple of feet and knocking it down. Sora stood there agast, staring at the figure who had saved him.

    "Finish the spell!" they yelled, looking over their shoulder at him.

    "What," he said, still phased, then he saw the thing standing up again, "Oh, right!" and he said the last word, the arrows flying around the person and into the beast. The arrows exploded, and it fell to the ground, appearently dead. Sora collapsed as well, his energy spent as he fell into unconciousness...

    "Uhn..." Sora sat up in a hospitol bed, "Where am I?" and he looked around.

    "Safe on Pioneer Two," Laura smiled, "Though you had us worried for a bit there.

    "Us?" he said, confused.

    "Us," and an android walked up beside Laura, "My name is Dark Shade."

    "She was supposed to be looking for the red Hildebear too, but we found it first. I wonder if that was god luck or bad?" she smiled wryly.

    "Good I'd say," Dark Shade said, "If I'd found it first, I'd have been dismantled by the thing."

    "Maybe..." Laura said.

    Sora's mag flew over at that point, chittering in front of Sora at how happy it was he was safe.

    Sora laughed, "There are times I wish I could understand mags."

    "Don't we all." Laura giggled. Dark Shade just looked at the two of them and sighed.

    Sora kept laughing, feeling that it had been a good day. He'd made a new freind or two, and had assumingly completed his first mission as a hunter, though he'd have to talk to Laura about that later. For now he would just relax and recover from his first day as a Hunter.

    Whew, done. I should really not write as much as I do, I tend to do this a LOT. Oh well, enjoy! Later ;>

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    Sora eventually learned that he had recieved a portion of the job's reward, pretty hefty portion at that.

    "You deserve it," Laura explained, "You did blast the thing you know."

    "Yeah, and I had burns for a week. I couldn't go on any jobs the entire time!"

    "Oh stop whining," Laura giggled, "You can go on missions now. Heck, Dark's out checking for jobs at the Guild right now. She should be back pretty soon here."

    "Sooner than you think maybe," the android walked in, "And there was only one job posted. And is it ever a doozy." she tossed a disk on the table.

    Sora picked it up, gave it a glance, then threw it in the reader. The job's details were spread across the screen, and as Sora read them, he began to worry.

    "This seems a little vague, and none of it seems to go anywhere." he said.

    "You're wrong," Laura read over it a second time, "It's a sort of encryption used by only one person I know..." she shook her head and sighed, "And he can be a regal pain in the butt sometimes."

    "Why do you say that?"

    "He's my brother," she sighed, "And he's probably on some wild jaunt again."

    "He sounds serious this time," Dark said, "Like he actually found something."

    "You know how he is about this Dark," Laura stood up and began pacing about the room, "He goes on and on about anything he finds saying it's 'the real thing'."

    "I keep seeing the same thing over and over in here, 'Floof'. What is that?"

    "That's my brother's word for 'Dragon'."

    "So why are we out here again exactly?" Sora asked as they hiked up a forest trail.

    "After the first sighting of the Dragon, he's been obsessed with the Dragons. He's been out here hunting them for a while now."

    "Hunting them?" Sora said.

    "Well, not hunting exactly. More like searching for. He's loved them since he was young, and with this, I swear he's gone off the deep end. He rarely goes to his appartment, spending most of his time out here, and taking Guild jobs only when he has to. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten himself killed sleeping out here in this mess."

    "It's not so bad," Sora said, "After you get used to it. And besides, I share your brother's love of Dragons, though I doubt if I would necessarily take it to this much of an extreme."

    "I doubt if anyone but him would," she said, and they came upon a camp. It had been left only recently, as the fire was just out. Laura shook her head, "He could at least put it out!"

    "Why? I just went to take a leak."

    "That's just like you," Laura said, exasperated, "Must you be like this?"

    "Like what? You always act like I'm an idiot." he set down a large gun and set about re-kindling the fire.

    "Ugh!" Laura stomped off into the forest.

    "Hey Laura! Wait a minute!" and Dark Shade took off after her.

    "What's with her?" Sora asked.

    "The two of us are siblings, and siblings often don't get along. We're a prime example. She's the older of us, and has always believed me to be childish. I have a better reason than simple shildish whims to find other Dragons."

    "Oh? And what would that be?"

    He grinned, standing and hefting his gun, "You'll just have to find out. Now c'mon, my sister's gotten in trouble again. I really wish she wouldn't go off in fits like this." and he started off in the direction Laura and Dark had gone.

    Sora watched as he went, wondering how he knew that. He wondered as well what kind of trouble she was in. He stood, readying his saber for whatever they might find in the forest.

    I'm gonna stop there for the night, need some sleep. Later all ;>

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    Sora and Laura's brother heaeded through the forest in the direction Laura and Dark had gone, and soon found the two in over their heads. A group of large turtle-looking creatures had them backed up against a cliff, and they were only barely fending the creatures off.

    "Hey sis," her brother yelled, "Hit the dirt!" and he took aim with his gun.

    Laura glanced over, her eyes bulged, and she threw herself and Dark to the ground. Amoment later he fired the gun. Several bolts of energy flew across the gap between himself and the creatures, and a couple fell, roaring as the shots burned holes into them.

    "Nice gun." Sora commented.

    "Yeah, but I could use some help here. You're a Force right? Blast 'em with something!"

    "Oh, right." Sora raised his arms, deciding against using the light arrows. He instead tossed a few fireballs at them.

    "Not bad," the brother said as the fireballs, while doing minimal damage, got the attention of most of the creatures, "At least now they can get to a better spot for fighting." and he let fly a second barage to get the full attention of the beasts. Another fell, and the rest started toward the two, faster than either had anticipated.

    "Holy..." he shouted, not having time to fire again before they were on him. He dropped the gun, barely drawing a purple saber to block an attack. Sora ducked a couple, but got a gash across his side as he tried to get back from them.

    A shot caught the one on him in the side of the head as it went for his neck, and it fell limply to the ground. He glanced over to see Laura, rifle aimed in his direction, "You okay Sora?"

    "More or less." he said. The wound on his side wouldn't kill him, but it made concentrating on spells difficult. Twice he faltered trying to cast the fire spell, but on the third try, he goofed agian, causing a ring of flame to fly around him, and out a short distance before disipating.

    "You might try that a little closer to them." Laura's brother commented.

    "I think I'll stay here for now..." Sora said, he held up his hand. A fireball streaked forth and struck one of the ones on Laura's brother, and it fell to the ground. He chopped the other with his saber, and it too fell. Laura and Dark Shade had finished off the remaining creatures by this point, and the three went to check on Sora.

    "He'll be fine." her brother said after a minute and some bandaging.

    "You're sure?" Laura asked.

    "I'm the one who's been in the wilderness recently right? I've had to care for my own wounds. He'll be okay in a bit, though you may want to stay out of any further battles."

    "I still don't know your name." Sora said as he stood up.

    "It's Jerin." he held out his hand.

    "I'm Sora." he shook Jerin's hand.

    "Well, Sora, that was some impressive spell casting back there. You seem a little inexperienced to cast things like that."

    "I AM, that's just it. They just happen when I'm trying to cast other spells."

    "Huh," Jerin looked thoughtful, "We'll have to look into that."

    "Why don't you tell us exactly why your brought us out here?" Laura said.

    "I'll do better, I'll show you. Come on." and he started out into the woods again. Sora followed him, and Laura and Dark Shade came after him, the three wondering what they were getting into...

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    Well, I'd write today, but I'm out of net time, and that's beside the point. This quick insert is to request of anyone who ACTUALLY reads this to send comments/suggestions to me via private messages. I would just like to get input on my work here, thank you! ;>
    Mmmm...Sprite, wish I had some write now...Oh well.

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    Sora, Dark Shade, and Laura followed Jerin through the forest, coming to an area devoid of life. All around them they saw destroyed trees, burnt bushes, rocks melted by some incredible heat. The entire time Sora became more and more nervous.

    "What happened here?" Laura said, looking at the devastation as they went.

    "I'm not sure," Jerin said, just as surprised as the other three were,"It wasn't like this a few days ago. And those look like photon blasts from one heckuva big gun...Oh no..." and he took off running.

    "Jerin!" Laura yelled, running after him.

    "This can't be good." Shade went to catch up.

    Sora had a sinking feeling, and knew that someone else was close by. Someone, or something, truely evil...

    "We're too late..." Jerin fell to his knees before a cave.

    "There's a great deal of photon residue," Dark said, "A battle took place here, one that included several Hunters."

    "NO!" Jerin bellowed, slamming his fist into the ground, tears streaming down his cheeks.

    "What's wrong with you?" Laura asked.

    "Their gone," he choked back a sob, "Their both gone. I fought so hard..."

    "Who's gone?" Dark asked.

    Jerin simply stood up, then walked into the cave. Laura leaned against the cave mouth, deciding to wait for her brother to return. Dark Shade sat down opposite her, and Sora stood there. After a minute he followed the Ramar, slowly walking into the cave.

    "What happened?"Sora asked, looking around the interior of the cave. It looked worse than outside, the walls marred with saber strokes and pistol blasts, and even the occasional scorch mark from spells.

    "Other Hunters found them. There must have been a mission. I doubt if any one Hunter could have taken her alone."

    "Who? Who is it that you keep refering to?"

    "The dragon," Jerin sighed, wiping tears from his cheek as he gazed upon the mauled form of what could only be the dragon he refered to, "I found her a few weeks ago, weak from a battle. She didn't trust me at first, but after a while she warmed up to me, though that's an odd thing to say about an iec dragon." he smiled wryly.

    "I guess." Sora smiled back.

    "There was an egg too. She was very protective of it and only recently let me anywhere near it. I don't see it here, but then they could have taken it. I'll just have to keep my eyes open in the future i guess. Maybe one day I'll find it again," he sighed, standing up, "Okay, let's get the others and...LAURA!" he roared, running out of the cave.

    "Jerin!" Sora said in surprise, running after him.

    "So you're the one who helped the dragon," someone said as they exited the cave. Sora could tell he was a Force, and a severely injured one to boot, "I'll have you know we went to a lot of work to kill it the last time. That you aided in it's recovery made it stronger than we anticipated. The others had to retreat early, but I managed to finish the job. It wasn;t back at full power, so my fire spells took it down after a while. Now I'll show you what I mean. He held up his hand and a fire appeared there.

    Sora and Jerin scowled, both readying their weapons. This would be an interesting battle to be certain.

    And with that I must take my leave. Alas, I'll have to finish later. Byee! ;>

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    Sorry to cut it off there, and I'll finish this a bit later, but I'm soon going off to play video games. So Just wait a li-ittle longer, thanks for your patience! ;>

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    There, or is it where you are? I'm not sure, so let me get back to you on that one...


    "Now then," the mysterious force said, "Should I start big, or just work my way up?"

    "I say we don't give him the chance." Jerin whispered to Sora, dropping his shotgun and pulling out a rifle.

    "I wouldn't do that," the force smiled, pointing his finger, the tip of which seemed on fire, at the unconcious bodies of Laura and Dark Shade, "Or would you prefer I take out my anger on these two?" he smiled evily.

    "Laura!" Jerin yelled. He scowled at the force, then lowered his weapon.

    "And don't think i've forgoten about you my young force," he looked pointedly at Sora, ho had been readying a spell, "They'll be just as bad off if you try anything either."

    Sora frowned, but maintained his spell. The effect wasn't readily obvious, and few people seemed to notice it, even other forces. This guy was no different. He would just wait for the right moment to complete the spell and blast him.

    "Let's try this again..." he kept smiling, his finger still pointing at the two others, his other hand now holding a small flame.

    "We've got to do something." Jerin whispered.

    "If you can distract him, I might be able to get off my spell. It'll only take me a second to finish it, and considering how bad he looks, I'd say it wouldat the least throw him off long enough for you to get a shot off."

    "Ri-ight," Jerin said, looking at his sister, "I guess it's as good a plan as any."

    "Just go when you're ready."

    "Go." he said, then began running to their left around the force.

    "I thought I said not to try anything!" he yelled, the fire on his finger becoming brighter as he wathed Jerin go.

    "My turn." Sora, muttered, finishing his spell and throwing it at the force. Arrows of light shot forth, piercing the force all over. He gasped when he saw them, then fell after they stopped. His fire spell sailed off into the sky, making an impressive fireworks display.

    "Laura!" Jerin said, checking on his sister.

    Sora made sure the force wasn't getting up anytime soon, then went to check on the two as well.

    "Uhn," Laura said, openign her eyes, "Anyone get the name of the creature who hit me?" she sat up and rubbed the back of her head.

    Dark Shade came back online and sat up as well, taking a few moments to do a diagnostic check of her systems, "Nothing badly damaged, but that shock knocked me for a loop. How long have we been out?"

    "Only a couple of minutes I'm guessing." Sora said.

    "When I get my hands on who did this I'm gonna..." Laura let the thought hang as she stood up.

    "Well he's not going anywhere anytime soon," Sora said, "So that shouldn't be a problem."

    "How mistaken you are." they heard a voice behind them. They all looked to see the force on his feet, barely, and he was still smiling.

    "Don't you give up?" Jerin asked, aiming his rifle.

    "Not easily, though I know better than to try and handle the four of you alone, so I will take my leave. Know however, that you made a poor choice meddling in my affairs. You humans will meet your end soon enough," he looked at them, his eyes widening when they got to Sora, "YOU," he shouted, taking a step back, his smile replaced by abject terror, "What are YOU doing here? I must report this immediately!" and with that he vanished into the air.

    "What was that about?" Jerin scratched his head.

    "I'm not sure..." Laura said, looking at Sora.

    "Don't ask me," he shook his head, "I'm as lost as you are."

    Jerin sighed, "Well, in any case, I guess our little joy ride is over. Thanks anyway for coming sis."

    "How could I turn down a request from my overzealous twin brother?" she smiled wryly.

    "Twin?" Sora just stared at the two of them.

    "Yeah, we're twins," Laura said, "I guess I forgot to mention it. I was born first though, and that had some effect on him, making him the younger, trouble causing one."

    "Only on occasion." Jerin pointed out.

    "That's what you think. Do yuo know how many times he nearly destroyed our house back home?"

    "Hey, it's not my fault if dad left his experiments lying around, I was young and curious."

    "Like you aren't anymore?"

    They continued arguing for a few minutes, but Sora was distracted after Laura's last comment by a noise in the bushes. No one else seemed to notice, so he ignored it, but heard it again a few seconds later. He looked over, but didn't immediately notice anything out of the ordinary. He started toward the bushes, ndheard it again. By the time he reached the bushes, the noise had stopped, and when he went to part the branches, something moved very fast inside them.

    "Woah!" he said, nearly having his hand taken off by the thing in the bushes. It lunged forth, throwing him to the ground, then began sniffing at him. After a few moments, it licked him, then got off.

    Dazed, Sora sat upto look at his assailant. He blinked, not believing his eyes, and rubbed them before looking again.

    A creature about his height now that he was sitting, blue and white in color, stood next to him, looking hopefull.

    "What in the world are you?" he said to it, not really expecting a response, but it licked him again anyway.

    "And I...Sora," Jerin looked arond, finally noticing the young force was missing. When he found him again, he was astonished, "Sora what..."

    "Your guess is as good as mine." he shrugged, standing up. The creature moved around Sora, so that the force was between him and these new people.

    "That can only be the dragon hatchling," Jerin said in awe, "Where did you find it?"

    "It was in the bushes here," he said, "And jumoed out when it tried to look in. I was afraid it was going to eat me or something. But all its done so far was lick me." he frowned down at it, but it paid no attention to him, now interested in the new people.

    "It could believe you to be a parent," Dark Shade said, "That would explain why it's hiding behind you."

    "Makes sense." Jerin said.

    "Let's see howinterested." Laura said,walking around Sora toward the dragon. It kept its eyes on her, moving as she did to stay behind Sora.

    "Gotcha!" Jerin grabbed the little bugger.

    It began to screach as soon as it realized someone had picked it up, fighting to get free.

    "Geez," Jerin dropped it, and it landed uncerimoniously, stumbling back to Sora, "It certainly has claws anyway."

    "It's been determined that it sees Sora as a sorta of protector at the very least." Dark Shade said.

    "Looks like your stuck with the thing." Laura smiled.

    "Yea, right, like I can just take it back onboard Pioneer Two. They may allow pets, but I think this is stretching it."

    "Don't worry about that," Jerin said, smiling, "I can arange it, though you'll both probably be under heavy survailance for a while. I have a friend in the science devision of Pioneer Two's Lab that can easily help us with this." I would suggest you stay here 'till I can talk to them though." and he pulled out a telepipe. It was a device that created a round trip portal to Pioneer Two and back. They would deactiveate after so long so there wouldn't be a load of them all over the place unused, though people would probably use someone else's portal anyeay, being as it would be easier than using their own, but coming to the planet that way was dangerous, as the user may have been nearly overwhelmed by creatures right before they used it.

    "I won't be long, try not to get into trouble while I'm gone." he smiled, and disappeared into a beam of light.

    "Well," Laura said, "This has been an interesting day."

    "No kidding." Sora said, sitting down. The dragon snuggled up to him, quickly falling asleep. IT was about then that Sora wondered why the thing hadn't been hungry. It hiccuped(sp) and belched forth very cold air. Sora watched it disipate, deciding he wasn't going to worry about it too much. He'd have more to worry about if the thing did that intentioanlly to anything in his appartment, or worse to someone who was visiting. This,he decided, sighing, could become a lot of trouble really fast. He hoped that Jerin would have more than just a friend to help him, or he could get into some serious trouble.
    As he looked down at the little dragon though, he smiled, even trouble had it's good side.

    "Trouble," he said, then started laughing, "What a perfect name!" and he would keep laughing until Jerin got back,uterly confusing all three of his friends. Trouble, the dragon,now that was amusing.

    That's all for now, and the funny part is, Sora and I thought up the name at about the same time! Go figure. Byee all!

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