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    ...we (me and my roomates) were sharing 1 DC with 3 VMU's to play online at different times. Now that we have a 2nd DC, we plan on putting both online, but I've heard you can't play a saved game from 1 DC on a different DC with a different PSO copy?? Is this true? Please someone respond, and advise on if there is a way you can transport your character over. I'd hate to start all over again (lvl 77 Force with some nice rares)



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    You can't play a saved character on a new console online. You would need to start a new character on the other console using the codes for the new game and then logon and register with that new saved character.

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    simply put, nope, sorry, what u can and advise you to do is, create a new one on the new DC, go online with both and transfer the weapons, ie drop them on the ground for the new char, that way the new char will level up easily if u have a powerful mag and it should be no sweat, as for being L77, nope, just the transfer, thats what i did with a new char and it was a breeze all the way thru hard mode,

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