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    Recently I've been thinking. Why do dupers/traders need to have everything? I realized it was because the dupers are just weak-minded people. They are the single children of PSO. The spoiled children of privileged families. They can't resist anything, they need it all. The people who are againest duping, and do not want duped items are much stronger then them. They can resist things other people can't. Sure this cheater might have all these items, but at least you know that you don't have to go to their level to succeded. You played the game right, you are stronger then they ever will be.

    That is all.

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    Whatever your feelings for dupers are, they won't be smiling soon. As I've stated before, with the dupe net Sega are implementing, everybody's chucking out their dodgy stuff.
    Give it a couple of weeks, and PSO will be back to square 1 again - rare items being RARE, no bad trades anymore (excepting theives of course). Smile, people! I'm sure you'll find my charming naivety infectious.

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    um... no. i find your logic to be flawed. in fact it could be argues that all dupers come from families with multiple siblings. after all, if you have to share alot it might bring about a need to have things of their own. and that could lead to the greedy idea of 'i want all i can get for myself.'

    or it could be said that the reason that people feel the need to have all rares is because of the evil nintendo marketing juggernaut of pokemon. maybe the idea of 'gotta catch em all' has emblazoned itself in the minds of the videogaming youth, and cant be stopped.

    or maybe, the reason i think most likely, they just want to collect it all. its quite an accomplishment to collect a group of things. i was extremely happy to complete my collection of series one britney spears stickers (the kind out of the 50 cent machine at the mall). just fyi, im not a fan of her music really, just her.

    'you played the game right, your stronger then they will ever be.' why does that sound as comforting as 'youll beat him one day' 'every dog has its day' or 'its not who wins the race, its how you reach the finish line'? the idea that hard work makes you a true winner is stupid. an ancient chinese proverb says "if you have a tough job you need done, give it to a lazy man. he will find an easier way to do it." i dont think that dupers are 'weak'. infact, i respect that they are willing to get what they want by any means necessary.

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    sega can not detect duped items that is the truth
    they can only detect if a item has been modified as in the name of the item or the level of it
    look at what happened with the mags the level 999 mags
    that was easy to detect but the others are not

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    About the Chinese proverb... that is true... but what about personal satisfaction. Who do you think will get MORE satisfaction out of PSO when everything is said and done... the GS'er who dupes and steals, and his character is level 100 after only 10 - 20 hours of playing... only making a few friends that dupe ('cuz everyone else chases him away), and has EVERY ITEM POSSIBLE... or the Gamer who spends well over 400+ hours on one character seeking out EVERY ITEM, just to see it just once, making many, MANY friends, and has the satisfaction of knowing he EARNED EVERY SINGLE THING HE FOUND...

    I ask you... who will get bored first? Who will regret "wasting" $40 on PSO... certainly not the honest player...

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    personal satisfaction. how can you post that in your arguement about why dupers/cheaters are 'weak'. when it comes down to it, personal satisfaction for a cheater comes from cheating. you think someone is weak for doing what makes them happy, not what makes you happy. personal satisfaction.

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