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    $15 was a bit steep for the book, but it looks worth the money. Some things in it are better then the FAQs and the forum info you can get, like detailed maps for all the quests, step-by-step instructions for secret quests, and the "official" word on section ID's, not to mention some keen mag pics. Compared to the Diablo II guide, the items section was seriously lacking, but it covered the basics. I really enjoyed the spin that the editors put on their comments and stuff, and they hinted to more stuff becoming available after future downloads, which may have some merit since the book is "official."

    All-in-all a good resource book worth some of that cold, hard meseta.

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    I bought it from babbages last night... I think the book is worth it... It should be used as a supplement to these forums and not a replacement.... But nothing beats pictures... They try and show you as much as they can (because its official I am sure they have to keep some stuff under wraps)

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    Yes, well, Sega themselves said that they'd release the Chao Black Market for Sonic Adventure. Didn't happen.

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    Wow! I forgot about that, damn Sega.

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