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    Im looking for:
    Spirit/Berserk partisan w/ good photon
    vjaya, high photon
    gaebolg w/ high photon
    custom ray/barrier

    I might be able to part w/ the following, depending on your offer:
    shield of delsaber (i'll give it away for custom barrier)
    victor axe +20
    revival garment (4 slots)
    nelgal (4 slots)
    vajulla (4 slots)

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    I have a Gae Bolg, but not with good percents. I think it has like 10% on Machine and thats it. It seems like you're not having allot of luck finding anyone that is interested. So if you're interested in my Gae Bolg e-mail me at [email protected] and we'll see what we can do.

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