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    Topic. I tried a Babelfish on the site, but it was not successful. Is it even open to the North Americans here?

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    the instructions are quite clear on the main front news page. just enter in your name and email in the first two entry boxes

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    What will happen after that? Do they send you the URL with the download?

    And like I said, is it open to the non-Japanese?

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    You get a confirmation link in an email that you must click to register properly.

    I assume they will email you when they have decided who will be a beta tester.

    If you want to translate the text then use this part of babelfish:

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    I put my info in the first box, then they sent me a e-mail, and I clicked the adress that the e-mail contained. What else can I do?

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    Nothing, you're done. Wait, and hope.

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