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    I'm not sure what the deal is, but my friend was playing soul calibur 2 while talking to me on teh phone, and he asked my how to spell Castor.

    I responded with a "c-a-s-t-o-r." Then I asked why.

    he said in soul calibur there was something named Pollux, something named Castor, and a bunch of places with the same anme as some of the US PSO ships.

    What's the deal?

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    *points up*

    They're stars

    Castor and Pollux are the twin stars that make up Gemini, the GC ship blocks are also named after various stars.

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    thanks. I'm not much for star names, I'll look into that in the future.

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    According to my sources (Lollipoplolita linked me to another one), Pollux and Castor were the twin brothers of Helen of Troy. Pollux was a good boxer (apparently killed someone who needed killing), and Castor trained horses. The names better suit the people fighting the bosses rather than the bosses themselves, eh?

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    One of the Brother's died, and the other prayed that they would never be seperated. The end goes two ways; They spend eternity in both Olympus and the Underworld, one in one, the other in the other, and switch each day. Or they both go to each place at the same time.
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    Wow that stuff is really neat. I love reading about mythology and where stuff originated. ^-^ Asukas is retty cool one. And I always wondered about Sange and Yasha heh.

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    I didn't read all of them, but doesn't 'Chu' mean 'Rodent' or 'Mouse' in Japanese? So the origin description for 'Chu Chu' would be something like 'Chu' means 'Mouse' in Japanese? Like PikaCHU.
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