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    i plan to clear this stage 16 times - with 16 different chars (cmode chars as well as 'not best choice'-classes)...

    so far i have invested 19 tries to clear it even once. yesterday we almost did it, it was a breeze run, my huct was a killing machine ready to step hard on olga's foot.
    then an overall server lag or something took out 3 players at once - only the racast was left ^-^;;

    (for those who wonder, it was 0:11 GMT)

    my question is as followed:
    ever played in an all US team? on an US server? several times? how is the lag then? did someone disconnect?

    i'm a bit looking forward to the day when this stage gets put up the EU servers, but i got a swift disconnect while entering a recobox-room recently in an Ult Seabed-Game on an EU-Server and there were only two players - a friend and me in that team.

    so, any input on that matter is highly appreciated.

    (and by the way, no i'm not using dial up, its a nice clean PPPoE-stable DSL line and besides 2C4 i have no real troubles with the connection)

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    why not just get the team and go o a different block that way it wont disconnect

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    believe me, everything tryable got tried already.

    so, any real answers?
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    On 2004-03-30 07:33, rena-ko wrote:
    believe me, everything tryable got tried already.

    so, any real answers?
    lol, nice reply Rena
    ...and nice new avatar too...
    Being EU too I cant however answer that question.
    I played E2C4 5 or 6 times and only got one disconnect, while my fellow EU players get their asses kicked out very frequently (some more than others apparantly)
    I use the same type of connection you use.
    The server you choose doesnt matter too, nor the people connected at that one.
    To resume: being EU is not the cause nor the server you choose (whether JP or US)
    E2C4 is however the only Cmode stage with a lot of slow-downs (prolly caused by the size and animations of some enemies and a lot of flying recoboxes slowing down considarably)
    Me pointing in that direction...

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    People get disconnected a lot no matter what stage we're on, 2C4 may only seem worse because it's longer, I'm not sure but it does seem more frequent.
    I'm doing c-mode on EU servers in an all-EU team fairly often but it doesn't really help much. Almost no lag but people randomly disconnect sometimes anyway. I seem to be the one disconnecting most often too. I never noticed a difference in d/c frequency between servers. I got lots of bandwidth as well, I don't think lag has anything to do with it.

    Also most of the time I don't see the connection timing out. Sometimes when there's a connection problem the person disconnecting will hang around for a little while, running into a wall or something, then disconnect, but in c-mode most often a player is fighting one second, and next second boom gone. Like the server is kicking him out.

    I'm connecting through WinXP ICS on a fast ADSL line, but it seems everyone disconnects now and then, fast or slow, bb or dialup, connection method doesn't seem to matter.

    I don't know, but I suspect the problem is with the server, not with the client. I hope it is anyway. I wonder if PSO+ people have problems too? I have the PAL version.
    And the strange thing is, I rarely disconnect in normal play, way more often in c-mode. At least it seems that way.

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    On 2004-03-30 06:59, rena-ko wrote:
    my question is as followed:
    ever played in an all US team? on an US server? several times? how is the lag then? did someone disconnect?
    yes, yes, and yes. :/

    the few times we did it we had several disconnect issues. all US players on a US server too. im on dial up 56k, and i think most of the others were too.

    maybe it has something to do with the lentgh of the stages combined with all of the extra grapical detail in the environments? [/speculation]

    frustrating! even more so with EP2 cmode because the stages can be so long.

    edit: uh this was well before c4 though. we tried c2 several times and got quite a few disconnects. so maybe its worse with c4? have you had similar issues with the other stages?

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    yeah, funny thing is... we cleared 2c1 up to 2c3 yesterday.

    one player got kicked in 2c2 (around 5 minutes before the boss warp) and 2c3 was almost ridiculous.
    first, the same player dropped again, around... 10 minutes in, then another player lagged out shortly after entering the gryphons nest.

    i mailed SOE recently and got something like following as answer:
    "once the quest is on the EU servers, the disconnection ratio will be on its minimum."

    so thats their official reason/solution to things.

    technical theory:
    lagging out is client side - the client's ISP is to be blamed.
    a swift kickout is caused by the server obviously. Maybe it received faulty data from the client or couldnt synch all users.

    then, i by now don't think ST can fix 2c4. (besides of splitting it into 2 stages what they'll never do...), so we'll have to live with it as some sort of real challenge (since the actual stage is by now quite boring).
    the thing is, driver patches wont really work (i for my part would have more than enough free memcard space though, but well). only optimizing the serversiden routines would seem to be a realistic way out, but i guess for cost issues they will stick to their official solution.

    good luck > everyone
    「愛と空の女王様」を言でもいい。 We are Heroes. This is what we do!

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    hehe... hey rena (its been a while)

    when is it being added to the EU servers?

    that in itself _SHOULD_ (obviosly, akk... cant spell) clear things up as previously stated. if not then blame ST for yet ANOTHER shoddy job..

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    For some reason, I got disconnected SOMEHOW when going through the temple. I was at my friend's house and we are sharing a cable connection giving us the DCHP or whatever thingie. I got disconnected but he didn't. I got that error 100 thingie. I don't remember if there was any lag, but I was playing on the US ship Antares 8.

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    Rena, you do d/c more than other players though. When I'm in games with you Rena and Capricornus you d/c way more often.

    When I play with Malkavian, we rarely get disconnects, we have probably completed at least 1 out of every 2 tries including both disconnects and fails (not many fails either).

    Is your connection definitely ok? I agree 2c4 is flaky, but you seem flakier than most...

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