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    Best Mag: Ila
    Best NPC, female: Ealonor
    Best NPC, male: Kireek
    Best Quest, story: ?
    Best Quest, non-story: ?
    Best Weapon: w/e is strongest

    Best Stage: Gal Da Val
    Coolest Monster: cant remember names but the booma's of ult.
    Coolest Boss: olga flow
    Best ID: whitill

    Worst Mag: MAG
    Worst NPC, female: the one in the quest w/ claus
    Worst NPC, male: montague
    Worst Quest, story: ?
    Worst Weapon-w/e is weakest

    Worst Stage: caves
    Worst Monster: poison lilly
    Worst Boss: vol opt
    Worst ID: yellowboze

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    Best Mag: not 2 sure lol
    Best class: HUcast
    Best NPC, Kireek
    Best NPC, Red Ring Rico
    Best weapon: Frozen Shooter, Soul Eater, double saber, Grass assaian
    Best quest, not sure
    Best quest, Seat of the Heart
    Best monster: Deldepth, Hallo Rappy, Ill Gill
    Best boss: Dark Falz (EPI), Volt opt its easy thtz y lol
    Best ID: Redria
    Best Area: Forest (EPI),Mines

    Worst class: RAcast
    Worst NPC, male: Mome
    Worst NPC, female: Shino
    Worst weapon: Srank Rod, Srank Wand
    Worst quest, Value of Money, Letter from Lionel
    Worst monster: Mericus, Merikle
    Worst boss: Dal Ra Lie (EPI), Barba Ray (EPII),
    Worst ID: Bluefull
    Worst Area: Caves (EPI) (EPII), Spaceship

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    Best Mag: Deva

    Best class: RAmar

    Best NPC, male: Heathcliffe Flowen

    Best NPC, female: Elly

    Best weapon: Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen or Yas 9k

    Best quest, non-story: East/West tower or Rappy's Holiday

    Best quest, story: The Retired Hunter

    Best monster: Delsaber

    Best boss: Gal Gryphon

    Best ID: Whitill, Redria, Purplenum, Skyly


    Worst Mag: Kama

    Worst class: HUmar

    Worst NPC, male: Ash

    Worst NPC, female: Nol

    Worst weapon: Slicer of Assassin, Diska of Braveman/Liberator

    Worst quest, non-story: Mop Up 1-4

    Worst quest, story: Value of Money

    Worst monster: Indri Belra

    Worst boss: Gol Dragon

    Worst ID: Bluefull/Pinkal

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    best mag nidra
    best weapon class double saber
    best weapon black king bar +80
    best class hucast
    best id redria,yellowboze
    best boss Olga flow

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    Best Mag: Savitri, Rati, Deva, Sato, Bhima, Diwari, Chao, Devil's Tail, RoboChao, Tapas
    Best NPC, female: Elly, Ep2
    Best NPC, male: Donoph
    Best Quest, story: Seat of the Heart
    Best Quest, non-story: Too many too name...Fake in Yellow, Soul of a Blacksmith, Addicting Food, lots of them are good.
    Best Weapons:
    RA: Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen, Yas9K, Yas3K, and Spread Needle
    HU: S-Red's Blade, Demolition Comet, Red Partisan, Rainbow Baton, Red Handgun, and Double Cannon
    FO: Psycho Wand, the 3 canes, C-Sorcerer's Cane, Prophets of Motav
    Best Stage: Ruins, Seabed, CCA
    Coolest Monster: Sinow Red, Delbiter, Sinow Zoa and Zele, Gibbles, and TOLLAW!!! Plus Hidelts.
    Coolest Boss: Gal Gryphon, Vol Opt
    Best ID: Redria, Whitill, Purplenum, Yellowbooze, Skyly

    Worst Mag: Pushan, mag
    Worst NPC, female: Nol, Ep1
    Worst NPC, male: Ash
    Worst Quest, story: Gran Squall, Value of Money
    Worst Quest, non-story: Value of Money
    Worst Weapon- Akiko's Frying Pan, Dark Flow/Meteor, Most Claws, Power Maser/Maser Beam, Evil Curst, Egg Blaster
    Worst Stage: Spaceship, Caves. >__<
    Worst Monster: Morfos, Sinow Blue (Sinow Beats were cooler)
    Worst Boss: Gol Dragon
    Worst ID: Pinkal, Bluefull

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    Player Awards-

    In Game Awards-

    Best Mag: Dreamcast (mine with 195 POW!), Sato Second
    Best NPC, female: Eleanor (Soul of Steel)
    Best NPC, male: Montague (Soul of Steel)
    Best Quest, story: Towers!
    Best Quest, non-story: Dream Messanger
    Best Weapon: Spread Needle, Sonic Knuckles (Knuckles fan)
    RA: Ramar
    HU: Hucasael
    FO: Fomarl
    Best Stage: CCA (Seaside, Nighttime if you want specific)
    Coolest Monster: Hideltorr, Saint Rappy, Egg Rappy, Hallo Rappy
    Coolest Boss: Sil Dragon
    Best ID: Whitill

    Worst Mag: Mag
    Worst NPC, female: Nol
    Worst NPC, male: Mome
    Worst Quest, story: The one with Elly looking for Cal
    Worst Weapon- Supressed Gun (in the DC, ultimate mode, I saw a ? gun, I was thinking it might be good... I hate that gun for this reason)
    RA: Humar
    FO: Fonewearl (creeps me out)
    Hu: Racaseal
    Worst Stage: Caves
    Worst Monster: Panarms
    Worst Boss: Gold Dragon
    Worst ID: Bluefull

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    Best Mag: Elnoa. Or pink Sato/Kumara.
    Best NPC, female: Elly, maybe Elenor
    Best NPC, male: Bernie. He's got the knack.
    Best Quest, story: Soul of Steel w/ subplot! (did it today, first time)
    Best Quest, non-story: Gallon's Treachery. It's fun.
    Best Weapon: Bunnny Wand. Not rabbit. Or shiney Flowen's sword.
    RA: caseal. Underrated and cute.
    HU: ney. Looks and Claws.
    FO: ney. Cuteness, Duh.
    Best Stage: um.. chatlobby? Tricktrack spaceship?
    Coolest Monster: hm.. "twin pal rappies with two agito's?"
    Coolest Boss: The Sil guy. Love the aurora.
    Best ID: Pinkal! Pink chair > good droprates.

    Worst Mag: Mag. No, seriously, their stats suck.
    Worst NPC, female: Bank lady. Come on, only 200 items and 1,000,000 meseta? Ridiculous!
    Worst NPC, male: Mome. Need I say more?
    Worst Quest, story: Lost weapon / Endless Nightmare / Mop Up.
    Worst Quest, non story: TTF. Though I need it..
    Worst Weapon: TJ-Sword. It's soo not cute.
    RA: marl, she looks like a nazi.
    FO: none. All FO's are great, that's why they're FO's. Edit: honewearls, them w/o pants.
    Hu: mar. Silly noobies..
    Worst Stage: Tower; Red Screen Of Deaths..
    Worst Monster: Booma. They're too strong!
    Worst Boss: Vol Opt. (resistances!)
    Worst ID: none, any is fine.

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    Good question.


    Abusive: FOnewmKiller - He goes around FSODing Ep. 1 and 2 lobbies.

    n00b award: ME!!!

    In Game Awards-

    Best Mag: Sega Saturn - Sega Saturn was cool!
    Best NPC, female: Elenor
    Best NPC, male: Jean Carlo Montague 0_o
    Best Quest, story: Blue Star Memories
    Best Quest, non-story: Towards the Future
    Best Weapon:
    RA: Spread Needle, Guld Milla
    HU: Tumikiri J-Sword, Black King Bar
    FO: Elysion
    Best Stage: Temple
    Coolest Monster: Al Rappy
    Coolest Boss: De Rol Le
    Best ID: Whitill

    Worst Mag: Overused 1304's
    Worst NPC, female: Shino
    Worst NPC, male: Orland
    Worst Quest, story: The Seat of the Heart
    Worst Weapon-
    RA: Custom Ray Ver. 00
    FO: Striker of Chao
    Hu: DB's Saber
    Worst Stage: Caves
    Worst Monster: Delbiter
    Worst Boss: Gol Dragon
    Worst ID: Yellowboze... Trust me..

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    Player Awards-

    Best Over Player: Me! XD (KaFKA, He has a legit wep that I want to get in BB )
    Best Cmode Brain: Sharky
    Stats/info Guru: Kef
    Funniest: Ian
    Selfless healer: (Me as Lady Mia/Lady_Mia )
    Takes one for the team Award: Hmmm...Sharky...Sharky in Cmode. She/he took on for me, so I could get my first Srank. ^_^ Sharky roxor!

    Exp Hog: Me.
    Begger king: I dun know.
    Thief: mwhahahaha....not me. XD
    Abusive: Me, when you call me unlegit.
    Sir Dies alot award: Not me. XP
    n00b award: I R OONLEEGYT!

    In Game Awards-

    Best Mag: Sato or Rati, I cannot decide!
    Best NPC, female: Elly.
    Best NPC, male: Ash?
    Best Quest, story: Seat of the Heart
    Best Quest, non-story: That Famistiu Cup 2 thingy, that was fun.
    Best Weapon: No fair...I cannot decide...
    Best Stage: > All of them besides caves.
    Coolest Monster: Delsaber!
    Coolest Boss: Olga Flow...
    Best ID: Skyly

    Worst Mag: XD Mag.
    Worst NPC, female: Young Elly.
    Worst NPC, male: Dolnoph
    Worst Quest, story: Cyber S*x (The Ep1 Elly one. )
    Worst Weapon- DB's Sword
    Worst Stage: Caves
    Worst Monster: ---- Shark
    Worst Boss: =/
    Worst ID: Pink

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    might as well take a crack at this... nothing else to do

    In Game Awards-

    Best Mag: Rati
    Best NPC, female: hmm... ouch... um... Sue?
    Best NPC, male: none of them
    Best Quest, story: not enough story in any of them -.-
    Best Quest, non-story: Soul of a Blacksmith
    Best Weapon: EDITED: That I have
    RA: Angel Harp
    HU: Demolition Comet
    FO: Elysion
    Best Stage: Seaside
    Coolest Monster: Recon
    Coolest Boss: Gal Gryphon
    Best ID: SKYLY
    ADDED: Best Costumes:
    HUmar: Black2 HUnewearl: Green2
    HUcaseal: Black3 HUcast: none
    RAmar: none RAmarl: Black2
    RAcaseal: Yellow3 RAcast: none
    FOmar: Red1 FOmarl: Other2
    FOnewm: NONE! FOnewearl: White2

    Worst Mag: Kama
    Worst NPC, female: Elenor
    Worst NPC, male: all of them!
    Worst Quest, story:
    Worst Weapon: EDITED: That I have:
    RA: Varista
    FO: Club of Laconium
    Hu: Angry Fist
    Worst Stage: Caves... (Kids, just say 'uck fu!' and those Caves away, lame excuse of a level!)
    Worst Monster: Grass Assassin (patheticly easy...)
    Worst Boss: Vol Opt part 1 (damn Short!
    Worst ID: ... Yellowboze
    ADDED: Worst Costumes:
    HUmar: most of them HUnewearl: Other4
    HUcaseal: Other4 HUcast: Yellow3
    RAmar: Purple1 RAmarl: White2
    RAcaseal: Green2 RAcast: Other3
    FOmar: Other4 FOmarl: Yellow2
    FOnewm: ALL! FOnewearl: Other1

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