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    Does anyone know if the Double Cannon (or whatever it's called) even exists? I've seen pictures and heard about it, but I've never seen it in the game? Does it even exist? Is it banned? How would I GET one??? I know it has something to do with Joint Parts, and I have those.

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    Yes, it really does exist. But if remember correctly, it's still to this day banned online.

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    So the Joint Parts are useless? Hmm... But if it's banned online, would that mean I could still get it and use it offline?

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    If it's banned online, then that means you cannot get it without cheating. So while you could make one off line with a cheat device, you would get in trouble if you tried to bring it online.

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    Ok, so I should just give up... Darn. =( I don't have a cheat device, anyway. n_n;

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    here is a link to see a Dbl Cannon its a crappy pic but it should work none the less, the special on this wep is like the lavis cannon (V1) but shots energy all four ways around you (front back left right)

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    yosho your sig is over 80000kb

    the 56kers will bite

    ::goes and deletes his sig::

    ::remembers hes not a mod::

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: X-thirteen on 2002-06-08 17:32 ]</font>

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    I'm on a 56k, and his sig loads quite fast for me...

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    56K users DIE!!!!!! >_<, no im just kidding

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    On 2002-03-10 14:48, IceBlink wrote:
    Yes, they are.

    Maximum is 600 pixels across.

    Maximum 180 pixels vertical.

    Maximum file size is 35000 bytes.

    If your sig doesn't follow, don't be surprised if it's taken down.

    *throws bubblegum and tries sticky!*

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