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    I am juss wondering what is new about v.2 i juss got it and i was wondering how much better it is than v.1 and like where the best servers are to go play go go ball and like battle. I havent; gotten to battle yet so i was wondering wehre i could prolly find some place to battle. And in v.2 it seems to freeze for a split second(s) on the loading screens whereas it didnt in v.1. Well thanks!
    For all you help! And if you could do you think u could fill me in on any of the other information or give me a web site to where i can find ALL the weapons. i looked around this web site and i couldnt find a place that had all the weapons. Thanks again for your time and cooperation.

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    P.S. Please dont flame me or anything for being a newb. Cause i didnt know any place else to go to post for help without being flamed. Well i didnt c that other post in front of mine either so please dont flame me about that either. thanks!

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    No...I didn't spell it wrong.
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    What the hell? I'm the newbie here! Get OUT!

    J/k... It does seem a little weird that he is saying the SAME exact thing that I was and has the SAME avatar...

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    Do we have something writtten on our foreheads that says "WILL FLAME NEWBS"?

    Just ask your question, people usually notice the post count, we don't flame newbs here anyways - we flame the oldschool people.

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    Old people flame up good.

    As for your questions, nobody really plays soccer, it sorta sucks. I dont really know the best places to play I didnt play for awhile.
    But the freeze at the loading screen is perfectly normal.
    Orange Hand. CZ-75b.

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    No one really plays lobby soccer much, and for good reason too; the lag in the game is horrible.

    There's no official block for battles, so they're mostly scattered. A lot of the pros here battle in Miranda 7. General tips for battle would be to try to keep your distance and unequip your weapon and use techs when you're close to an opponent so you don't lose your weapon when you die. HUmars/HUnewearl are generally the best for battles.
    Has information on everything (including all weapons)

    Challenge block is located on the Japan ship, Io-11. Please, don't use a RAmar and read the FAQs for c-mode before you try them.

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    If you want to learn about Challenge Mode, go to

    (I wrote PSOW's faq as well for tips)

    Shameless site plug:

    That is all!

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