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    Sonic Team said they'd rebalance the stats for the Gamecube version of PSO. If that turned out to be a complete overhaul of the way the stats are distributed among the classes, then it stands to reason that the changes would be apparent even early on.

    That brings me to my question/request: if any of you trial players out there have the character spaces, time, or the will to check this (once the online part of the trial ends, of course), it would be interesting to have a record of what the character classes have for stats at either level 1 or 5 (to allow for the possibility of two classes having the same amount of a stat to begin with but having different level-up gains).

    Thanks for your time. ^_^

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    I don't know the exacts, but I am POSITIVE they did alter them.

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    I read some topics on mamak by the trail players. Supposedly changes have indeed been made to the classes, both statwise and interms of which classes can use what techniques.

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    It seems they are focussing quite alot on "tacked on patches", ie technique modifications, than addressing the stats issues. Making ATA noticably different, MST powerful.. is this happening?

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