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    Alright, I've been playing GC PSO since December 2002. I spend a long time offline and thats where I developed my love for hunting and playing legitly. Why am I telling you this? Because I know there is going to be afew "Doubting Toms" in the crowd. Anyway enough of that...

    Afew months back a friend (Muff') managed to track down the elusive Sealed J Sword. Then afew months after that he quit. Sad yesh. D: But before quiting he gave away afew of his prized possessions. I lucked out and got his Sealed J Sword. : x A blessing or a curse? hehe

    Ever since I got it I've been trying to unseal it. Basically just by getting kills in. I tried Max Attack 2 runs on Normal... you can rack in 450kills in 30mins. Only got upto about 4k kills with it, mostly cause I was always with people when I came online. I raised a new character which I used to gain some more kills from normal to ult. Lastly I just made sure that Shiro (my hune) used SJ whenever she could.

    Afew days ago it all paid off. I was doing a run through ruins with some friends. Near the end of ruins 3 my inventory was abit messy. I tend to click 'Sort' a lot. Anyway today was special... I went really fast to click sort, sorta like muscle memory for PSO. XD Anyway I dropped the SJ on the ground. I then picked it up and noticed that the menu had changed. Instead of Remove/Drop/Sort SJ now said Use/Remove/Drop. At this point I flipped and proceeded to mail anyone who was online. : x

    Well here's the videos of it unsealing:

    unsealing through menu

    unsealing through quick menu

    final unsealing

    First two videos were done offline by Ryna. (the one who can make the videos ;P) And the last video is done online for all to see!

    And no we didn't have 3 sealed j swords, hard reset for the first two was used offline. And the final was done by myself online.

    So? How do we unseal it Aura? Ah yes I don't know the exact number of kills.
    -_- But I had been told earlier that 100k kill was needed. No way in the short amount of time that I had could I even be close to getting 100k kills. However I don't think it was 23k kills, seeing as Muff' told me he had 10k. And I carried on from there, I had done way more then 23k kills alone maybe... 32k? or somewhere above that. I can't say for sure...

    One thing I do know, if you have a legit SJ keep on fighting and it'll unseal one day.

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    THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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    Thank you a lot.

    I'll quote this and edit it into my Sticky in a few minutes.

    I can hear you in the menues, but I can't see what is happening (it came up with the WMP graphics instead of the video that should be shown).

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    I really want to watch that video, but according to the download, i've got 40 mins to wait...
    So I'll just assume that someone else will watch it fast and i'll just believe you. ^_^'

    So we finally got a video, huh? Now was it really so damn hard for someone to finally get one?

    I'd like to say congrats, but that doesn't seem like the best adjective to use in this situation. XD

    And you've just increased my passion to get that sword by tenfold.
    heh heh

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    i cant download it, it says quicktime is missing files...i dont want to install quicktime though...

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    Amazing goody juicy saucy stuff....
    Now aura only sange and yasha is missing and you are 1 happy canadian bacon eh? hehe

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    hahaz, I love knowing you, Aura

    I knew you could do it, for some reason, I knew that if someone managed to unseal it, it was gonna be j00

    Excellent job, friend

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    Ahaha ^_^ yesh Matty.
    And Ketchup try dling divx 5.2, heh check out Rena's Site aswell if you can.

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    *hugs teh kef*

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    first of, its avi (codec). nothing to do with quicktime.

    best would be, you save it to harddisk first, then get yourself xvid or divx5.2 codec and install it. now, the divxplayer or windows media player or... winamp for example should be able to play it properly.

    then... the files are placed on a server connected via T3 backbone. so if you get those 40 minutes for files that are between 5 and 10 MB then its prolly the distance (youre loading from germany). try again in an hour or so.

    i'd ask everyone who downloads it to dont hammer the servers. i dont have any issue with it but when the admins there decide that its drawing too much trafic, they'll simply kill the files. would be your loss.
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