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    Crud, I just looked at Cipher's stats, and you're right. Fixed Range plus Cipher, with some Action Cards thrown in=total pwnage. NA Attack+Split...hehe.

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    Fav Stage: Venti (the fans!)
    Least " ": Dolor Odor...

    Fav Char: Kranz
    Least: Teifu

    More as it develops...

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    I always play as either Kranz, Ino'lis, or Sil'fer, or, when playing as an Arkz, I always use Break.

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    My fav creature has to be Mophos, its so useful since the card mod.

    Assit: Exchange. I rarely get room to put assists in my decks, but this is one useful bugger. Now if only you could use it on your opponents.

    Least favorite feature in Ep 3: The fact that there is no "search all" feature in the Guild Card list. This makes it so time consuming! Think of what we could do.

    Another feature we need, the ability to mute so people from speaking, or even the ability to be affected by others in the lobby.

    Fav Feature: The shiny you get from tournys!

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    On 2004-08-13 13:28, Zebulan7 wrote:

    Another feature we need, the ability to mute so people from speaking, or even the ability to be affected by others in the lobby.
    Good idea, but maybe it won't be fair to the "mutee". Maybe there could be a feature instead that makes it so you don't see what they're saying, but they can still chat/spam.

    Another favorite, to stay on track, is the ability Revenge. That ability+Al Rappies...pwnage.

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    Well this idea isn't really a good one for these boards, I mean nobody even posts here so why are we trying to reduce the number of topics here? .

    Generally I hate these kind of topics but this forum would be almost empty without them.

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    I read it on PSOW, so it must be true
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    Weapon: Soul Eater
    Creature: Al Rappy/Clippen
    Action: Escape (Ultimate Rappy Powers!)
    Assist: Ruin Darkness/Permission
    Character: Arkz: Memoru/Break/Creinu
    Character: Hunt: Viviana

    Not-Liking (XP)
    Weapon: Harisen Battle Fan
    Creature: Gobooma (So rare and worthless)
    Action: Long Arm
    Assist: Skip Move
    Character: Arkz: Rio
    Character: Hunt: Kylria

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    HUnter- Silfer
    RAnger- Kranz
    FOrce- Glustar
    Card- Heart of Poumn
    Card combo- Berril's Hands + Savitri + Musculars; or Rati+Megid(Rati causes Megid to skip its rolling and automatically work)

    HUnter- Rufina
    RAnger- Ohgun
    FOrce- Creinu
    Card- Mericus
    Card combo- either Monest, Mothvist, or Recobox and Heavy Fog; or Hidoom + Migium + Cave Wind in a team match.

    RAnger- Guykild
    FOrce- Relmitos
    Card- Chamelion Scythe

    HUnter- Reiz
    RAnger- K.C.
    FOrce- Peko
    Card- Gi Gue

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    Favorite level music: Tower of Caelum


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    On 2005-03-11 18:53, Eihwaz wrote:
    Favorite level music: Tower of Caelum

    that has really good music to tell the truth so does morege or what ever it is called

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